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Can You Use Apple TV On A Samsung Smart TV?

A Samsung Smart TV- Technology advancements are taking over the globe with a troll. There is a strong demand for high-tech gadgets, including TVs. In all this, there is a tussle going on between the two famous companies; Samsung and Apple. Both have their fans who do not want to switch to any other company other than them. However, with the new advancements, there is a chance in the products of both companies. What is it? Read further to find out.


You Can Use Apple TV On A Samsung Smart TV

Yes, you read it right. You can now use Apple Tv on a Samsung Smart Tv. The newest advancement is connecting an Apple Tv box to any device with an HDMI input.

HDMI input is usually present on every TV available in the market nowadays. It is also available on various monitors.


We can use Apple TV with a Smart TV because many Smartphone complaints from users are experiencing reviewing the data back.


However, you can choose from various models of Samsung that have Apple TV+ built in them. It would save money, and you will be able to reach your goal of being able to watch Apple TV+ on a Samsung Tv.


Here are some models of Samsung which are offering Apple Tv+:

  1. Samsung QLED 8K Q900R and Serif TV(2019)
  2. Samsung QLED 4K Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, Q7DR, Q60R, and Q6DR (2019)
  3. Samsung Frame TV LSO3R/LSORN (2018 & 2019)
  4. Samsung 4K UHD TV RU8000, RU800D, RU740D, RU7300, RU730D, RU7100, and RU710D (2019)
  5. Samsung QLED 4K Q9FN, Q8FN, Q7CN, Q7FN, Q75FN, Q6FN, and Q65FN (2018)
  6. Samsung 4K UHD TV NU8500, NU8000, NU740D, NU7300, NU7200, NU7100, NU710D, NU6950, NU6900, NU6900B, NU6080, and NU6070 (2018)
  7. Samsung Smart Full HDTV N5300 (2018)


What Is So Special About Apple TV And Apple Music On Your Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart Tv comprises a whole new world of entertainment. As the Apple TV app and Apple Music app are now available on the Samsung Smart Tv, users can access their current TV shows and movies. They can also look for new programs to rent, stream or buy in the magnificent 4K with HDR.

Apple TV+ gives access to more content with original movies and TV shows that are only available on the Apple TV app. Isn’t that interesting and overjoying for Smart TV users?

Subscribers of the Apple Music app can stream more than sixty million songs, top music videos, exclusive shows, thousands of playlists curated by the topmost music experts on the innovative Beats 1 global Livestream. All this is available without any ads.

For all those who do not know what Apple TV+ is, it is an exciting streaming service that we can access through the exclusive Apple TV app. The Apple TV app available on the Samsung TVs contains mostly 4K titles. All you have to do is; find the 4K icon available on the right of the title rating (while selecting a header).

Which devices comprise the Apple TV app?

Most of the Samsung Smart TVs, including 2018, 2019, and 2020 models, the Premiere projector, Lifestyle TVs, and QLED 4K and 8K TVs, have the Apple TV app available on them. The app is also available on Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku streaming devices.

You do not need to download the Apple TV app as it would be available in the Apps section on your TV. However, if you do not see it in your apps team on your TV, you shall understand that it is not compatible with your smart Tv.

Some Reasons To Prefer Buying Apple TV

Apple has some exciting features that any other Tv does not have. These include HomeKit, AirPlay2, and iTunes precisely. There are lots of other integrating features of Apple that would turn your answer into a yes.


This year Apple TV streaming box has come up with some more reasons to choose it. It has partnered with some big manufacturers of Smart TVs and other gadgets. These include Vizio, Samsung, LG, and Sony. Not Only has Apple partnered with these brands, but their intelligent TVs come with Apple’s most integrating features, including the HomeKit, iTunes, and Airplay 2.


This step is taken by Apple due to the high demand of users to access Apple TV+ no matter what. Apple provides a high-end streaming service, offering original shows and original films. In other words, it is a competitor to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu.


However, to be able to watch Apple TV+, you must have an Apple TV app. Before, this app was only available on Apple hardware that is Apple Tv, iPad, and iPhone. But now, you can access it on almost every smart TV as well as the operating system.

The Apple Streaming box is in a tricky position.


Due to this latest advancement, the Apple Streaming box is in a tricky position. However, there are still some good reasons supporting the purchase of this Apple TV streaming Box.


Apple has recently updated the Apple TV 4K, but it has not updated its HD. Because of this update, you can view the models of 2017 and 2021. The latest version of Apple TV that is Apple TV 4K is similar to the later version. They not only look identical but also have almost the same capabilities. It includes access to Fitness+ and Apple Arcade. It also offers audio technologies and immersive video support, including Dolby Atmos, 4K HDR, and Dolby Vision.


The difference between the newer and later versions is that Apple TV 4K has better internals. It has a faster processor as Apple has decked it out with A12 Bionic.

It offers support for Wi-Fi 6 and HDMI 2.1.

It supports higher frame rates.


The most significant difference that makes the 2021 model different from the later version is that it comes with a redesigned Siri Remote. Instead of the old touchpad, it has a D-pad controller with dedicated buttons for Siri and power. The Siri Remote is thicker, ergonomic, and not as symmetrical as the older version. It is the reason why it is easier to navigate with this one in the dark.


Here are few reasons to purchase an Apple TV:


  1. Multi-User Experience

Apple TV allows you to switch between different profiles, just like Netflix. You are offered an individualized experience that is split between other members of your household. Let’s suppose you are fond of watching action movies; your brother likes to watch dramas, your mother likes to watch fiction, whereas your children want to watch cartoons. All your movies and TV show suggestions do not get mixed. However, this feature is not available when using the Apple TV app built into other Smart TVs.


The multi-user experience is only available for Apple Tv users.


  1. Dolby Atmos Experience

If you want to use the Home Pod Mini or Home Pod as a TV speaker, you must choose the Apple TV. You should buy two Home Pod minis or Home Pods. Why doing so? You will be able to configure them into a stereo setup.


It will support Dolby Atmos audio when you have a Home Pod and an Apple TV 4K. However, for the best Dolby Atmos System by Apple, you would need two Home Pods.


Unfortunately, Apple TV HD and Home Pod mini does not support Dolby Atmos.


  1. Apple Arcade

If you are not aware of Apple Arcade, let us introduce it to you. It is Apple’s new subscription gaming service.

It allows its subscribers to play original games.

These games are playable across Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad.


However, if you are using a smart TV supporting the Apple TV app, you will not have Apple arcade support. It means that you will need the Apple TV streaming box if you are a fan of the Apple Arcade and want to subscribe to it while playing the games on your big screen.


  1. Apple TV Remote and Siri

To enjoy the Apple TV Siri Remote, you will have to purchase the Apple TV streaming box. The Apple TV Remote and Siri only work and comes with the Apple TV streaming box. It is an impactful navigation tool that would make you tempted to use it.


It offers a straightforward way to get to the Apple TV’s home screen fast and scroll between thousands of Apple TV apps. Moreover, it is integrated with Siri. It means that you can use your voice to find content more quickly.


Siri is quite a powerful tool as the Apple TV streaming box is a complete Apple experience.


  1. The Epic Screen Savers

It can be considered a minor feature, but we cannot forget it. Apple TV has some epic screen savers which come into play. The Apple TV is idle for a certain number of minutes. The Apple Tv display puts on a screen saver that features beautiful videos.


From previous times to date, aerial screen savers have been quite popular. These have been shot from space and places from all over the world. If you are a fan of these screen savers, you can put them on willingly by tapping on the Menu button on the Apple TV remote.


The thing about Apple is that it constantly updates new screensavers, which are satellite shots, underwater shots, and aerial shots. These screen savers are Apple Specific and are only available on Apple Tv streaming boxes.


  1. Smart Home Advantage

The intelligent Pod Home speaker, iPad, and Apple TV streaming box can become designated intelligent home hubs for an Apple smart home. It is an advantage for Apple users, which lets you control the HomeKit intelligent devices remotely.


It means that if you want to utilize your iPhone to issue a HomeKit command, then you can do it either using Siri or the Home app on your iPhone. The Home Pod or the Apple TV is a thing that receives the command and executes it inside the house.


Both the devices are always on, which is why they let you run intelligent home automation. A very convenient example of this is that with the use of HomeKit, you can turn your bright lights on when it is sunset.


The non-Apple smart TVs have HomeKit on them now. They are acting as HomeKit Accessories but not as a Home Hub. It means that they are not on continually, and you can issue a command to them remotely. For example, you cannot tell them to turn on your lights while you are at work.


  1. No Lag due to Superior Processor

No matter how many smart TVs have more Apple TV features, they cannot be an Apple TV. They won’t run like an Apple TV. All the Apple TV streaming boxes have processors dedicated to making everything run smoothly as much as possible.


All the intelligent TVs have more things to run along with Apple software. It means that no matter how efficient they are, there is always going to be a lag in between if they do not have an Apple TV streaming box. You must get a built-in option if your smart TV supports this.


  1. Best Portable TV Streamer

Although the Apple TV streaming box is expensive, there is no doubt that it is one of the best portable streamers that you could purchase. People do not usually consider themselves mobile streamers, but they can take on vacations and other trips.


It has 32GB storage or even more to store a lot of apps and games. You can easily connect it to the Apple TV with Wi-Fi and stream your favorite movies and tv shows.

Apple’s another classic feature

With the launch of the new iPhone, there is a lot of frenzy in the market. This rage is more because of

the Face ID authentication by Apple. It is a new standard that Apple has set for its competitors. The Face

ID technology is mainly based on the old technology of Touch ID, but now it is advanced with the

True Depth camera system. It is used for unlocking the iPhone. So, now you can unlock your phone

with Face ID recognition.


The True Depth camera system has spiced up the iPhone X and is a set of various sensors, a regular

camera, a dot projector, an infrared camera. All these works together to develop a 3D map of your face in

just a second.


Talking about the Dot projector used, it is developed by using LEDs of high intensity. These

LEDs throw a light pattern which is dotted of 173 x 173 on your face. In other words, this dot projector

can be defined as the light source which is structured and has 1 or 2 components of flash. It lets a

predetermined pattern of the light project on your face so that the face can be recognized and lets the

phone identify your face structure in just some milliseconds.


The new Apple iPhones are creating a rage in the market


The new Apple iPhones are creating a rage in the market. As the iPhone X launched in the market, there

is no turning back for Apple. All the hype is about the latest features Apple has introduced in iPhone X

and the other variants. One of them is the new Face ID feature of Apple.


Everyone has a distinctive facial structure that does not match the facial design of anyone else. This

makes it easier for the dot projector used by Apple to develop a 3D map for your facial structure



However, this 3D map of your facial structure is not uploaded on the iCloud and stays only on your

phone. It is because there may be chances of a breach of security. Apple’s Dot projector is very

effective and safe, which is why it makes iPhone X a hit.

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