Apple Doing Things That Other Phone Makers Don't

Why Does Apple Get Away with Doing Things That Other Phone Makers Don’t?

Apple Doing Things That Other Phone Makers Don’t  -In the past, Apple has done many controversial things, and it has successfully escaped without having caused any trouble to its company. There are several reasons why they are successful in doing so. Comparatively, if android companies do the same, they receive a backlash from the people.

Why does Apple get away with doing things that other phone makers do not?


There are multiple reasons for this. But first of all, we should keep in mind that Apple has a variety of products, so we should not keep this discussion directed towards smartphones only. Apply produces tablets, called pads; they also produce televisions, laptops, and desktop computers. Apple takes controversial decisions in all of its products, but why do they get away with most of them, and when android companies do the same, why don’t they get away with it. There are few reasons, and they are:

Apple has a better understanding of its products:


Yes, this can also be a reason as Apple has deep knowledge of its products. It knows all about the software and the hardware that is used in making the products. Moreover, they also know what the possible malfunctions that may occur when they make the products are. As a result, they already plan to tackle those problems if they arise when they launch the phone. Moreover, they also have better knowledge about the market than other android companies.


Following the same procedure, Apple launched the infamous iPod. It was never launched by any android company before, and Apple took the step forward to bring out the iPod to the market. There were two types of iPods released by Apple, and both of them brought an evolution in the cell phone market.


The first iPod was the one without the screen. It was in the shape of a small box and had buttons for play, pause, and forward. As I said before, android had not launched such a product before. If it did, no one would have accepted. Apple, after some years, launched the newer version of the iPod.

Launched the newer version of the iPod

It had a screen, and the user could use the internet on it. It was a cell phone without the ability to call other people. If the same product were launched by android, it would have faced many problems due to its non-secure coding and software.


Moreover, Apple also launched the iPhone and iPod but can call people using a sim card. As a result, we can say that Apple gets away with doing things such as innovation because it has proper knowledge of what it is introducing in the market. It can also tackle the problems faced by the device after it is launched.


Most companies did try to do the same, but they failed miserably. A cell phone company called Sony did the same, but it faced problems when figuring out its technology. They tried to do it mass market but failed in doing so, as it was not a mass-market thing. Some might argue that Sony had better technology than other smartphone countries, it is true, but the software they designed for the technology was prolonged, and many people disliked it.

Apple is known as a cult:


They are known as a cult in the cell phone industry, and due to this reason, they get away with most of the things they carry out in the industry. There are several reasons to display when we talk about Apple being a cult cell phone company. Apple had a founder named Steve jobs, and he was cult in leading his company. He made all the decisions by himself and just informed the board of directors about it. His decisions were right most of the time, and it leads the company to success.


Before Apple launched iPhone, smartphones were manufactures by companies such as Sony, blackberry, and Nokia. These phones were not user interactive and were built for people who ran businesses. They included options such as making graphs, tables and writing down notes. So, Apple had to act very cleverly to introduce the iPhone in the market.  They faced problems such as saturation of these companies in the market, and hence they had to come up with ideas to sell their smartphone to all the people at a higher price.


As a result, they introduce the iPhone with much better graphics and a superior camera. Moreover, it also included all the functions available for the businessmen provided by other android companies. This way, Apple was able to gather the attention of business people and local users. Moreover, they improved the graphics. The easily understandable icons were animated to make the graphic user interface much livelier and fun. Other smartphones made by companies had only one of the two things.

Apple also introduced their all-glass body phones

Moreover, Apple also introduced their all-glass body phones. It was the iPhone 4. This phone had a glass back and a glass screen, making it the first-ever phone that had not plastic on the outer side. The charging port was also bigger and better than the rest. iPhone had a different user display than other smartphones; it gave a quicker response. Another plus point about the iPhone was that it was much safer than other smartphones. Blackberry was considered the most secure phone, but iPhones overtook that title when they were launched. Moreover, Apple started producing small-sized phones in an era where bigger smartphones were considered superior to others.


Besides all these complications, Apple managed to make its domain in the cell phone market and succeeded many popular and successful cell phone-making companies. But what does this have to do with them getting away with things that other smartphone companies do not? These things proved that whatever Apple did, it was successful. It brought innovation, and it was highly successful in doing so. It was possible due to the cult nature of their founders and the people running Apple.

Financial stability:


It has too much to do with why Apple gets away with doing things that other companies do not get away with. Financial stability helps during tough times. I will explain this using an example to have a better understanding of what I am trying to say. Apple manufactures a product, and due to human error, or a malfunction in one of the machines, it delivers the dangerous product. Suppose the battery is not properly sealed, or the screws were not tightened properly. The company has enough resources to order the products back and re-manufacture them. It saves them from criticism of the experts, and they may get away from any lawsuits signed against them.


Moreover, the Apple Company can shut the mouths of different experts just because they have the money and well enough contacts in the media industry. Such incidents have happened in the past, and some influential people in Apple have controlled them. Other smartphone companies are not superior to Apple, so they tend to receive a lot of backlash from experts and analysts.

Bugs are found by tech experts and local users when they launch a new product

Most of the time, bugs are found by tech experts and local users when they launch a new product. The company eliminates these bugs due to its rich reserves that have worth billions. As a result, Apple can support the updates they bring out each year. Have you ever wondered what the purpose behind these updates is? Well, allow me to tell you about them. Apple brings out these updates to fix the bugs and problems in the software as soon as possible. Other smartphone companies do not have the resources to carry out updates all the time. That is why you must have noticed that android smartphones carry out updates during the first month of their launch and do not bring updates in the future.


As a result, when experts and local users find a bug in the software, the company will not fix it. So, we can say that Apple gets away with things because it has the finances to cover up for its mistakes, so experts do not have much to say about it. That, however, is not the case when we talk about other smartphones such as android.

Unique business plan:


This is also why Apple gets away with most of the stuff, and other smartphones do not getaway. So, what is the business plan of Apple? Allow me to tell you. Apple has just one focus market, and this is the elite class. These people do not care about the products’ price because they have tons of money, and a couple of thousand dollars will not affect their wealth. Moreover, they are ready to give up that money because the phone consists of all the features they need and are also secure. And that is the reason why has to give them reasons to keep on doing it.


Due to these reasons, the company gets away with foolish stuff but becomes a trend afterward, and people don’t seem to have a problem with it. Let’s look into what drastic changes Apple has brought throughout the years and were considered foolish at first, but as time passed, no one seems to have a problem with it afterward. The first thing is the removal of the headphones jack. This step was taken when Apple introduced the iPhone 7 in 2019.

Highly criticized Apple as they considered it a basic necessity

Some people highly criticized Apple as they considered it a basic necessity. However, Apple did provide an alternate for it inside the box. They gave a little dangly wire. Using this wire, you could connect your earphones with the mobile phone. It acts as an extender. The area saved by removing the headphone jack allowed Apple to put new functions in the phone.


Moreover, they also removed the button and introduced 3D touch. It was appreciated by many. They also brought innovation when introducing dual cameras in iPhone X and almost zero screens to body ratio. Most people criticized these steps, but the company still managed to make record sales.


It is not the case when we talk about smartphone companies such as Samsung or Nokia. They produce cheaper phones as there need to be some companies that can fulfill the people who cannot buy expensive phones. They focus more on producing cost-effective mobile phones. Moreover, we can say that people who purchase these mobile phones care about the price and the features they get in that price range. So, as a result, these phone makers focus more on pleasing their customers. Whereas if we talk about Apple, they care about the quality of their products, which is why they get away with bringing innovation in their products, even if the public does not like it.

Simplicity in products:


Apple has one rule: to put full attention into one product so that it turns out perfect. That is the reason Apple does not produce thousands of copies of the same product. It is, however, carried out by other cell phone manufacturing companies that produce multiple copies of the same product by changing the look. Apple does not do that. It releases limited products but puts a lot of effort into them. Moreover, it allows them to keep a high price on their products, and the people will still buy them. In addition to this, most people have to wait in lines to get hold of the new product when it is released.


Due to the same reason, Apple discontinued the iPod. They took this step to focus more on their superior product, the iPhone. Why would they take such a drastic step and get away with it? Well, people know that Apple produces a much better alternative than iPod, so they might shift to it and enjoy its perks. Moreover, most people say that they won’t be amazed if Apple discontinues its infamous MacBook to focus and improve the iPad.


It is not the case when we talk about other cell phone manufacturers. These companies put too much diversity in their mobile phones that people start to hate them. I will explain this using an example. Suppose a person buys Samsung s series phones only, and the company decided to discontinue them. The company will experience backlash and disappointment from the public because there is no alternate for it. Due to these reasons, Apple gets away with bringing diversity, and other cell phone manufacturers do not.

Why does Apple get away with the price mobile phones and other smartphones don’t?


As I said before, apple focuses on people that belong to the elite class, and it does not affect their overall wealth when they use that money in buying smartphones. Moreover, some middle-class people also save up money and have no problem buying these expensive iPhones. One reason for this is that Apple takes great care of the quality they use in their products.


That is why people do not have a problem buying overpriced iPhones because they know that Apple products are durable and will run for a longer time than other cell phone manufacturing companies. Other cell phone manufacturing companies are said to produce a phone that has temporary performance. It means that they will not be giving the same performance after a year. It is why they receive criticism when they introduce cell phones with higher prices.


Moreover, Apple puts a lot of investment into designing their cell phones. Due to this reason, apple scores the highest when it comes to design ratings. Moreover, experts do not criticize the high prices of iPhones because they have put a lot of effort into giving the phone its classic look. Moreover, Apple uses higher quality products when it manufactures its product. You must have seen scraping paint on the side of Samsung phones. As a result, Samsung faces criticism when it launches smartphones at a higher price.

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