Computer Science Students Worry About Bubble Burst

Should Computer Science Students Worry About A Possible Tech Bubble Burst?

Computer Science Students Worry About Bubble Burst – Technology is a vital part of our lives, and we cannot imagine our lives without technology. However, the world is very predictable, and everything cannot remain the same, so it happens if we face a tech bubble burst.

Should Computer Science Students Worry About A Possible Tech Bubble Burst?


First of all, lets us describe what the tech bubble burst. There are many ways why a tech bubble burst happens. These reasons tell us exactly why students have to be scared of a bubble burst.  However, bubble bursts can happen for every single thing in the world. The bubble burst system is that an item becomes so much that who can no longer accept it in society. It is the case with almost every single thing in the world.


The world is not perfect, and nothing can last forever, not even beauty. People say that the things that last forever are not liked by many. Many things in the world were famous and enjoyed by many people, but they did not remain there forever. Maybe some might argue that these things remained for a longer time, but they certainly did not last forever. Let us talk about trends. People start trends, and then they vanish themselves. The most popular trends are clothing or fashion trends. Many people like to wear clothes, and they start copying people who wear clothes. It is the basic definition of a trend.


Trends can be related to different things such as career choices and studies.  For your information, the previous era was all about mechanics and machines. Moreover, people also wanted to learn more about electricity. As a result, all types of studies related to electricity and devices were the new trend. People wanted to know about them and increase their knowledge because they were interesting. Due to t these reasons, more and more people wanted to take up mechanical and electrical engineering as their majors in America’s united states.


However, do you think they lasted forever? No, they did not last forever! These trends never last forever. The losing of movement is directly related to the process of bubble bursting. The bubble burst for students who were studying electrical and mechanical engineering. The time f the robotic revolution was not permanent. Everything will end one day. The electrical and mechanical engineering era also burst, and there was no use in studying these courses.


It resulted in educational turmoil because multiple students had applied to fields that were related to mechanical and electrical engineering. These people would not receive jobs because their market had collapsed. In every area, a time will come when it will saturate. Every single thing in the world has a saturation point. What do you think is the reason behind it?


The reasons that once people get to know that a particular thing has some benefit in it, they run after it like wild animals. However, not many people can settle in these things. A time will come when so many people will enter the specific domain that will leave no space for further people. When this point comes, it still takes several years for people to realize that they are getting themselves into a mess.


The same is the case with technology. However, I will tell you about all aspects that are related to the field of computer science. Computer science is a very vast field, and there are many jobs in computer science. Most people consider computer science as just one subject. However, that is not the case because there are several such fields in the computer science industry. The most common areas are cybersecurity, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Out of all these three fields, the industry of artificial intelligence is sourcing, and more people are pushing into it.


Moreover, many people are pushing into other fields of computer science also. Most people say that computer science came out 4 or 5 years ago, but that is not the case. People are in a misconception that the current era was the one where who developed computer science. Allow me to rephrase the sentence. The current period is the one where people recognized computer science. It came out a long time ago, but it was only known to a few people worldwide.


Now let us get to the fundamental questions. Why do you think the tech bubble will burst? Will it be a problem for the students? Let us look at the positive side and the opposing side. Let us start with the negative side first. Some people might argue that since computer science came out only a few years ago, it has a ton of scope. These people compare computer science to other areas such as mechanical or electrical engineering. However, keep in mind that computers have nothing to do with mechanical engineering, but it has little to do with electrical engineering.


The first of computer science came a long time ago, so people can not argue about this. If a field came out a long time ago, people will most probably have started working on it. It means that the people would have made some technological advancements. Now we are talking about years of work here. People do not have a lot to think about this statement, but scientists have it all figured out. When they work for years, they have almost figured everything out, and there is less space for advancement. When this point comes, the jobs will start to vanish as employers do not require such people.


Moreover, most students think that computer is the future of this world and there would be many jobs for them. They are in a misconception because they believe that jobs will come when the market is high in demand. However, that is not the case because the job given to a person depends on many things. The first thing is the compatibility of a person. If the person is not compatible, the company will not give him a job. If he does not know, the company will still not give him a job.


The job also depends on the market. If there is high demand for the marker and the students are compatible, they will receive the assignments. However, if the jobs are high and no person is consistent, there will be no jobs. Some experts say that there is a chance that the students may face a possible tech bubble burst in the future, and they state some reasons as well.


The first reason was that currently, many people are pushing for computer science. Due to this reason, you must have seen that most people have started to do majors in computer science. Allow me to explain using an example so that people have a clear idea about the whole concept. Let us take the example of the University of Stanford. At Stanford, there was around 150 student who went for majors in the field of computer science. Five years later, there are more than 300 students who have applied for majors in computer science. Just look at the difference between the numbers.


Keep in mind that this is just for the university of Stanford. There are thousands of universities in the united states of America. All of these universities are facing the same problem. The situation has reached the extent that the universities have to hire more staff to assist them. So can you imagine where the case is leading? It will reach a point that the industry will not require any jobs. That’s the point when the level of saturation will go, and people will start to have no jobs.


I said before that when people find out a trend, they go after it like wild animals. The same thing is happening in the fields of computer science. People have started to do the same with the field of computer science. They have started to go towards it, and there are several reasons why people are doing this. The first reason is that some parents have face unemployment, so they want their children to have the most secure fields ever.


Moreover, there are other reasons why students should start worrying about a possible tech bubble burst.  The first reason is the relation with the field of artificial intelligence. Allow me to tell you a little about the areas of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is when a machine or a robot will do whatever a human does. You must have heard about the robots in japan that serve meals to people at restaurants. These robots are based on the principles of artificial intelligence. It means that all things related to artificial intelligence are put in them.


There was a hype that these robots are going to take over the jobs of many people. It is accurate, and there are several reasons for it. The first reason is that these robots can do everything a human does. Moreover, the robots will provide significant benefits to the people who own factories. It is because these owners will have to make a one-time investment. They will not have to pay salaries to these robots.


Now, this artificial technology is developed by programmers. In the present world, these programmers are very high in demand. Every tech company wants as many programmers to train them and use them to start making artificial intelligence technology. However, we can not say anything about the future because maybe these jobs do not exist.


Artificial intelligence technology is quite different from other technologies. There are several reasons people say so.  the first reason is that artificial intelligence technology is a self-learning technology. It means that the robots made with artificial intelligence can learn from humans and start doing what they do. Due to t these reasons, manufacturing companies want to hire them as their daily wage worker. But feature they will work for free.


Moreover, there is a positive side to this story. Some experts say that not all types of jobs relating to computer science need to vanish. It is because who discovered artificial intelligence only a few years ago. The development has been excellent in these few years. The critical point is that experts say that there might be further advancements in technology. Computer science is very unpredictable, and many new things may come out along the journey.


Moreover, there were some other points that the experts said.  These experts said that if the machines and robots are made, there are high chances that they will not succeed in the first go. Whenever a  new technology enters the market, it takes a year till it reaches perfection. Allow me to explain using an example so that people have a clear idea about the whole concept.


When smartphones came out, they were not successful at all. It took them at least ten years to perfect the technology. As they run the technology, they discover the problems they face and how these problems can lead to solutions. As a result, even if the market reaches its peak, the industry will require computer scientists to deal with the issues or maintain the specific technology.

How to deal in the present with a future tech bubble burst?


If you have already entered the field of technology, you do not need to worry much. Changing your major at the end of the semester is a terrible idea. The most sensible thing is to stick to it. But there are a few conditions you need to follow. The first condition is that you have to gain as much knowledge from your university. Moreover, you will have to be extra than the other and focus on becoming better than others. If you are better than the rest, your chances of receiving a quicker job will instantly increase.


Now comes the part when a person is part of a tech company. What do you think the person should do. The first thing he should do is start saving up money. The person should not spend loads of cash without saving tons of it. It is always a bad idea. There are several reasons why the person should do so. A tech bubble burst is very instant, and it happens in like a few years. When the tech bubble starts to expand beyond its limits, it will take 2 or 3 years for it to burst.


When the bubble bursts, the situation will become very different, and people would not be able to do anything at that point. As a result, a person should invest to benefit from the investment in the later years. This investment will be helpful as it may cover up your cost in the alter life. Most people in the united states of America invest their money in properties. However, if people do not know how to do a business, there is a more straightforward way. People can place their money in the bank and take interest from it. Most people in America’s united states put their money on-campus attraction, so it keeps n adding when time passes by.


Moreover, if the person fears a possible tech bubble burst, they should look for other alternatives. Most people go and learn the skills that can be useful in the future. Most experts say that people should keep one thing in mind, which is related to a gift. If any person has a skill, he will never be jobless. Asa result, people should learn skills. If they are not comfortable in learning other skills, they can learn skills related to hardware. These skills are demanding in the future, and there are several reasons for it.


The first reason is that these skills will be required in maintaining the technology. Everything made by humans will need lots of repairs and other stuff. Machines can not always do any things. Most experts say that people should start a side business alongside their job. It is because these people will make a fortune out of their business and, as a result, help their family members in time of need.

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