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Emerging Technologies In 2020

Emerging technologies: It keeps on evolving. We are living in arguably the most advanced times. Scientists and researchers are working on exciting new projects, developing new products and breaking barriers every day. It sure is a great time to live. 2020 will be no different than previous years when it comes to cutting edge technology. Great things are in store for us. So, here we give you a glimpse of some up and coming technological trends that are sure to revolutionize our lives.

5G technology:

Scientists have been working on 5G technology for quite some time now. In 2020 this is going to come in a big way. It represents the next generation of cellular services and networks. Switzerland and South Korea are leading the world in 5G technology. This technology is expected to give a minimum of 20Gbps downlink and 10 Gbps uplink which will make it 40 times faster than 4G LTE technology, which we are currently using. This will open doors for newer services, network and customer operations on part of the telecom operators.

3D printing:

This technology is all set to make a mark on our lives. It is believed that it will completely transform domains like healthcare, construction and manufacturing. With a market size currently estimated at USD10 billion, it is expected to grow by 23.5% every year for the next five years at least.


AI or artificial intelligence has been more than just a buzzword. In 2020 it is going to boom further. But to build and deploy AI-based solutions continues to be a very costly affair, a roundabout way is to use it as we-are-providers-of a service platform. We expect to see a bunch of different providers in the year 2020 with tailor-made solutions for specialized tasks. Big names like Google, Apple and Microsoft are already investing heavily in this initiative to beat the competition. We can see AI in action in many areas like shopping, banking, healthcare, etc.

The internet of things:

The internet of things or IoT refers to the interconnected and interrelated computing devices, digital machines, objects, animals and even humans with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data without human intervention.  IoT has also paved the way for Edge computing. As more and more things go smart IoT will have a bigger role to play in our lives. This year IoT will have greater control and functionality to allow and change the way we operate different things.

Digital Ecosystems:

We have known ecosystems for quite some time but digital ecosystems are the new thing. A digital ecosystem, simply put assimilates with digital technologies to help businesses indulge in more solid communication with their trading partners and customers. Some examples of this technology are synthetic data, knowledge graphs, Digital Ops etc. It has already revolutionized the workplaces giving users more control over their data and soon it will take over home space too.


With the widespread use of IT and the digital ecosystem, cybersecurity remains one of the major concerns of many companies. This year we will see the convergence of nascent cybersecurity tools and trends due to the automation of cybersecurity as well as the development of public IT infrastructure. Companies raise their security budgets every year to thwart malicious threats and conform to local and international cyber laws.

Voice commands:

This technology has already made great strides in the form of applications like Siri, Alexa etc. but it’s potential is vast and much of it remains untapped. Together with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Language Processing; the sky is the limit for this technology. Scientists are progressing with Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP to allow systems and computers to better comprehend language and voice commands. Voice command is going to make it big in 2020.

Hyper Automation:

Hyper Automation is nothing but an amalgamation of two of the super technologies of our era; Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML). In this year Hyper Automation is going to have a major macroeconomic implication on the market.  Understanding the automation mechanisms, and how it is control and coordinate use Machine Learning. The major focus of this area in this year.

Autonomous Driving:

While 2020 will definitely not be the year when driverless cars will be a common thing, it is likely that the debate around them will leave the tech world and enter the real world. We will see autonomous cars in confined environs like geofenced areas, logistics, parks etc. Before their large-scale deployment, we need to work on many things like a change in physical infrastructure, modify laws and social attitude. Chances are all this will come into focus in the year 2020.

Smart Healthcare Solutions:

Through devices that we wear like smartwatches and smart glasses, we are able to collect data like heart rate, blood pressure etc. of a particular person. This data will help us in predicting and treating health problems in people before they even occur. Doctors can prescribe more personalized medication thanks to the data-driven understanding of how effective it is going to be. It is known as precision medicine. The new researches in areas like AI and genomics will give doctors a greater understanding of how a certain treatment will react to a certain patient. This will lead to a more inclusive and personalized healthcare solution. All through 2020, we will see varied applications of predictive medication and treatment.

Blockchain technology:

It is essentially a digital ledger use to record and access transactions. A complete blockchain model includes five elements: A shared and distributed ledger, immutable and traceable ledger, encryption, tokenization and a distributed public consensus mechanism. Due to its digital nature. It is decentralized and encrypted. The technology is so far restricted to big businesses due to its high cost. Technical and operational issues but 2020 promises that it will flow to small players as well.

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