How Long Does Samsung Support Their Phones For?

It is difficult to remember the hard times in the past when Samsung was not commonly used by the people as they use it in the modern era and now it has become a major part of their life. We also use different technologies in recent decades but the thing is now many cell phones have been discovered in which Samsung has a prominent position. Samsung mobile competes with certain technological titans like Apple and Nokia. And immediately they got to the top of Android.

The history of launching Samsung phone was started in the year 1938 and then after passing just ew year in 1969  they have been divided into technologies. Korea was the first-ever country in the world who is known to be the founder of Samsung smartphones as it was first introduced in Korea in the year 1938 as  Samsung debuted SGH 600 in September 1998 – the telephone that assisted the company in Europe throughout. After some years this was speedily delivered to the entire European countries due to more technological features in these cell phones. June 2010 was a very important year concerning the technological development of Samsung mobiles so they launched a new model series names S series of Samsung phones which made this brand the top in Android phones and had gained too much fame in the world. These S series models were considered to the breaking agents in an industry of mobile phones after that S8 and S9 models were released in 2008 which changed the concept of mobile phones and entered into the world of technology.

When talking about the camera, sound system, recording features and speed these cell phones brought the world into a progressive way and initiated an amazing era of cell phone technology. People liked these cell phones more as extended features and mobile applications were allowed in the S series. It is thought that the development of Samsung was started from the S series till now this cell phone is liked much more in the world especially in European countries where it gained a worth position.

Eligibility of Samsung mobiles for 3 years of Android:

Samsung’s software upgrade and technological features were highly appreciated in the entire world and they enhanced during the last years. It was mentioned on the company profile that Samsung will now provide 3 years of Android flagship updates with amazing features and these were initiated in 2019 till now.  More importantly, in August 2020, Samsung launched a series of Galaxy-qualified products, in which many new models of Samsung were introduced in the world such as A-series models, Samsung tablets, and cheaper phones with enhanced Android updates to at least a duration of next 3 years.

Their updates for Android phones were initiated in 2019 to the next 4 years making these cell phones distinguished in the world phone companies. Numerous Samsung models from A to Note Z and X models were introduced after this up-gradation system in these phones. Samsung introduced almost 130-140 new models in the short duration of the period for the proper advertisement of their brands and they launched an upgradation system in all these models. All-new series mobiles are now eligible for these updates and new features. This is the one cause for the fame of Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung devices eligible for 3 years update:

There are Samsung mobile phones in which the company extends 3 years up-gradation system of Android. These devices include A series of Samsung and some foldable mobile phones also. Names for these devices are given below in a list. Samsung Galaxy A71 4G/5G Samsung Galaxy A72 Samsung Galaxy A51 4G/5G Samsung Galaxy A52 4G/5G Samsung Galaxy A90 5G these are all included in the A-series category of Samsung mobile phones.

While galaxy foldable devices are also mentioned these are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G/4G Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G/4G Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G/4G and other Z features mobile phones are also included in the foldable series. While S series devices and tablets are also included in which the facility of upgrade is applicable.

How long does Samsung support its phones?

Samsung company has already announced that Google is allowing for the upgrade system in their cell phones for a time interval of 6 months and they are working to improve the quality of Android upgrades in their smartphones rather there is no permission by Google for installing their desired applications. Despite many restrictions, Samsung is trying to provide a big relief for their customers in terms of good internet facilities and Android upgrades so engineers and mobile phone technologists are consistently working for enhancing the quality of mobile phones. Samsung has no direct access to the Android upgrade system although they have to follow the terms and all conditions of Google. Recently Samsung has signed an agreement with Google officials about Android open-source updates.

So all the models of Samsung in the upcoming future will be linked directly with Google policies under this agreement. You have to update your cell phone according to the agreement of your company. Google will monitor all the things and correctly patch them accordingly. Initially, for the start, Samsung was provided for at least 3-4 years update system which was accessed by Google directly but these have many flaws in Samsung mobiles and the issues of crippling were also noted in smartphones. Some devices of Samsung were not suited/ properly fitted with these terms and labilities while this was applicable for certain. There is a still big issue that 99% of all Samsung devices are vulnerable to any kind of malware and viruses and there have not a solid system to detect them. Most of the purchased devices of Samsung are still facing Knox’s features under such circumstances.

The factor of Android fragmentation is found in all smartphones including Samsung, iPhones, Huawei, and Vivo almost all mobiles are facing problems to fight against malware system. There is some difference in Apple mobiles because an Android system is not applicable in them as they have their iOS system and security updates. But all other Android cell phones are facing a problem because the Android team is directly monitoring these issues and they are not providing any access directly to the cell phone companies. The mobile phone has a guarantee for 2 years while for the android and update system this is based on 6 months. Furthermore, all Samsung devices are famous for their use but they can not provide a warranty for more than one year and in this warranty year they do not provide free services to repair the phones in case of water damage or broken cells. These are conditions for proper repairing so you have to go on their original outlet.

Samsung is also bounded to follow all the terms and conditions regarding the android update system and android features under their agreement. For the longer use of their brand and enhancing Samsung product they have introduces a premium care system which is just like the insurance policies so it is a very good system for the replacement of damaged phones for that mobile screen which has broken accidentally. This kind of premium membership is necessary for making a lot number of customers towards their brand and more advertisement of their products globally. Samsung is working consistently to enhance the level of satisfaction of their customers by providing them extra best facilities and features in smartphones. For a membership plan, it is around12 dollars per month for a proper membership so you might enjoy these facilities after membership. More information is already given on to the website of Samsung.

Samsung care application for the satisfaction of their clients:

Samsung company has also launched an application for the ease of their customers in using mobile phones named as Samsung care application. This app is installed in all new versions of Samsung and gives you access to live chat, Samsung features, nearby shops of retailers, and community member details about Samsung care center. You might go to the shops for getting all the details about Samsung and also your phone issue. This help care center is more powerful to Samsung industry and motivational for other smartphones for launching their applications for the ease of their customers.

What is the worst thing about Samsung mobile phones for their users?

In recent times, Samsung is truly striving to battle playmaker, and it’s far from whatever buyers require. The microprocessor Exynos is the jest. After only 6 months of consistent use, they tend to grow slower and this is a wide complaint of Samsung users after they purchase the smartphones at very costly rates. This problem is arising and the standard of a company is gradually decreasing due to not paying too much heed to resolve this issue.  Nobody close to Snapdragon or Helio. Not excellent financial price. Not a good investment. While the system of updates in Samsung mobile phones is common while good stuff also includes the better camera and other best features in these phones but Samsung’s awful all else.   For many of these purchasers, 6 months of Galaxy Grand was a horror. Another big issue in Samsung smartphones especially when we talk about the J series of Samsung we have found that this phone consists of a lower processor and heats the mobile phone after continuous use of 4,5 hours. All other cell phones below 20k are also facing such kind of issue so the company must be attentive to resolve these issues otherwise a name and fame of Samsung will gradually be decreased. The worse thing about Samsung mobile phones noted by their customers after frequent use is that these phones have no fixed timing for the updates either these start to update immediately when you are doing any important task on your cell phone all the data will be erased. So you have to wait until the update will finish and you will be again subjected to do the same task after a long time.

What is the reason that people like Samsung phones more and can trust this company device?

Especially so because users are aware and potent, they grant independence. However, the Samsung equipment we know can replace the batteries and there is more space for memory in Samsung phones so you can enjoy more application features in Samsung mobiles. There is no need to pay extra money to the company for enjoying these best features on your mobile phone. Accessories of Samsung mobile are very cheap and not costly as other mobiles like Huawei, Vivo, and Realme and there are more branches of Samsung as compared to other Android cell phones. You might easily access all these things by having a Samsung phone. We always despise how Apple gadgets are asked not only providing an able leadership to work, how well the possible outcomes are ‘beginning pleasing’ but it’s not ‘browser that are users friendly.

When talking to the liabilities and trust of Samsung cell phones we have noticed that the customers use Samsung for a long time they do not move to purchase any other smartphone. This is the beauty of Samsung. Samsung phones are easy to handle and these are fast as compared to others. These cell phone having no battery issues and heating problem while most of the mobiles of different companies has not succeeded due to heating problem and battery issues. The plus of a charger and mobile connectivity portion where charger attaches is firm and does not lose even after a long time in Samsung but Huawei cell phone has this serious problem as the site of the charger in cell phone loosened after some time of consistent usage.

Is S10 still has a worth in 2021?

Samsung S series was a wonderful series in terms of battery usage, their high-performance displays, their screen, and all liabilities as they update system was also too much better in this cell phone. Due to enough space and a fast RAM system installed in this mobile phone this mobile was considered the best smartphone for gaming. Most people use this cell phone still in 2021 due to its good battery performance and gaming feature. The heating problem was not notices on this cell phone and the trust of the customers was more enough. So this cell phone has a significant worth in era of 2021 although there are many new mobile phones in the market for its competition people who use S10 are still satisfied with this brand.

Can a smartphone last for 10 years of a period?

Although there are numerous best smartphones in this modern world and the lifetime is long enough. The lifetime of a smartphone is a factor dependent on the user’s usage as Samsung and Apple mobile phones having more life than others due to their good quality of hardware system but no cell phone last for a long period of about 10 years! 0 years are more enough and you will slightly find some issue after passing of 2-3 continuous years. Some mobiles face battery issues while some face heating problem and other also have to face loosened charger sites. Two to three years is the usual response most smartphones provide. This is applicable for iPhones, Android, or any other device in the industry. The far more typical explanation happening is because the cellphone begins to slow functioning toward this end of the useful life.

Does iPhone or Android smartphone last for a long period?

IPhones live much longer than Android devices. The liability of Apple cell phones is more enough than other androids due to their extended privacy features and the best hardware system installed in them. Apple pays more devotion to the quality standards while after Apple phone the best phones are considered as Samsung due to their best hardware and software system. The United States of America is a founder of Apple phones as they are consistently working for providing more durable phones with the higher satisfaction level of their customers at their priority. Furthermore, in comparison to all of the smartphones, Apple is considered the best and their lifetime for usage is also more than any android cell phone.


Samsung is supporting their cell phones continuously and their engineers are working for ensuring their customers as these are the best mobile phones in the world market. Most mobile phones are applicable for more than 2,3 years and still, this is the position with Samsung but they are improving on the other side like making batteries more powerful than other smartphones and providing the best security and application features to their customers by doing an agreement with android.

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