How Much Use Of A Mobile Phone

How Much Use Of A Mobile Phone Okay In 24 Hours?

How Much Use Of A Mobile Phone – With the technological advancements, we have gotten addicted to mobile phone usage. The uncountable features that mobile phones have nowadays have a lot to do with the increased usage of mobile phones. But the question is it okay to use a mobile phone for so many hours in a day? If not, what is the ideal mobile phone usage advisable in 24 hours?


How Much Is Use Of Mobile Phone Okay In 24 Hours?

If you look around, you will notice that people are using their mobile phones all the time. That includes ourselves as well. However, the strange part is that most of us do not even realize that we are constantly on our phones all the time. We spend our precious time using our mobile phones to text, use social media, and use various mobile apps.


Studies show that people spend at least five hours on average on their mobile phones. However, about 2.3 billion people touch their phones about a thousand times a day. With every passing day, the amount of time people are spending on their phones is increasing. Users do not realize that the increased mobile phone usage is not suitable for their health and everyday lives. It is observed that people who use mobile phones excessive have:

  • Vision Problems
  • Decreased quality of genuine relationships
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Altered brain chemistry
  • Insomnia
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Hunched Shoulders (text neck and other posture issues)

Found the right balance between having a quality of life and enjoying


These side effects are heard by almost all of you, but you do not want to pay attention to them. It would help if you found the right balance between having a quality of life and enjoying the benefits of technology. It is not like you need to decide on quitting cigarettes that are considered healthier than not finishing.


Mobile phones offer benefits more than they provide side effects. Mobile phones are a great source of novelty, connectivity, and convenience to gain correct usage. Like a medicine with poison written on it, you have to control the dosage, the same way you manage your mobile phone usage.


You have to decide how much time is right for you to spend on your phone. Mostly, the time we spend daily on our mobile phones is unconscious. Most of the time, you are just whipping out of your phone and unlocking the home screen. When you do it, you think of why you did it in the first place. Whereas the other time, you are just website hopping or just scrolling over your social media accounts.


What has made our lives unhealthy is constantly checking our emails, social media accounts and constantly texting. Undoubtedly, keeping in touch with friends and family is essential, but the increased screen time affects our health. We get headaches, weak eyes, and we tend to become lazier and more inactive. Moreover, seeing friends and relatives’ posts and photos on social media can also make you mentally disturbed if you are going through a tough time. So, cutting your screen time for a few hours would be a great thing to do.


To control your phone time, you can follow some strategies:

  1. Leave Your Phone At Home One Day On The Weekend

When it’s the weekend, and you are not expecting any calls from your boss, choose a day when you leave your phone at home and not take it along with you.


  1. Delete The Social Media Apps

Social media scrolling is what takes most of your time. If you delete the apps, there would not be anything to waste time on.


  1. Disable Push Notifications

Push notifications are what make you look at your mobile screen again and again. If you disable them, it will not notify you of your apps now and then.


  1. Use Your Mobile Phone For Fun Only During Certain Windows Of The Day

Limit using your mobile phone for games and other fun activities during certain hours of the day. Only use it for such activities during specific windows of the day.


  1. Set Your Phone To Grayscale

Change your phone setting to grayscale. It would make it unappealing to use your phone, which would alter the number of hours you use on your phone.


  1. When You Are Not Using Your Phone, Keep It In A Different Room

It is a perfect strategy that you can use to limit yourself from using your phone. Just keep it a different room. It would make you forget about checking your phone again and again.


Why Has Mobile Phone Usage Increased In Our Lives?

Here are some reasons why our smartphones have increased:


  1. Your Mobile Phone Is With You All The Time.

The availability of your phone with you adds up to the reason why people have switched over smartphones from other gadgets and other devices. You can take pictures whenever and wherever you want with a smartphone. You can check the time by just having a glance at the screen. You can instantly message someone where ever and whenever. You can play your favorite games whenever you like. You can listen to songs, watch videos and much more.


It is also why we have become so addicted to smartphones because it fills in every criterion.


  1. It provides ease of use.

Imagine grabbing your phone to take a quick shot. Isn’t it easy and fast? Can you do the same with any other device? No, right. Your phone is always readily available around you, making it less time-consuming and easy to use whenever you want. You have to pick it up and do the function of listening to music, watching a video, emailing someone, message or call someone, etc. It is as easy.


Other devices do not offer this ease of use. For example, if you are using a camera instead, you would need first to carry it around everywhere; they would have to take it out, set the focus, etc., and then click the shot, which would take more time.


  1. Smartphone photography is less time-consuming.

A DSLR or a digital camera takes some time to click a photo as you have to do a few things like turn on the focus or set the lens etc. In the meantime, your smartphone would have already clicked the photo.


However, this does not mean the photo quality is better, but the fact that you can quickly click the picture and see the results makes it convenient for users to use a smartphone frequently.


  1. Smartphones are smaller in size.

The newest mobile phones are coming in small sizes but with increased features. It makes it convenient to carry around. Moreover, it easily fits in the palm of your hand, which initiates the use of mobile phones frequently. When it is in our hands, we are tempted to check our social media accounts continuously, we tend to feel the urge to message someone special, and if we have nothing more to do, we start playing a game.


  1. You can easily share photos via a smartphone.

Today’s time is all about sharing your pictures with friends and on social media. The easier it is for people to share photos on social media platforms, the happier they are. Cameras do not give users the ease to share their pictures conveniently, but smartphones do. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, then you can conveniently share your photos with the world.


Though some digital cameras do let users share their pictures online, they are still not as convenient as smartphones, so users prefer smartphone photography over cameras.


This feature has made people addicted to their cell phones more than anything.


  1. You can have a backup easily.

When you have a massive collection of photos, you would be worried about losing them. A smartphone lets you have a cloud backup very quickly. All you need to have is an internet connection to your phone, and you can send the data to the cloud. Once you do this, you can easily access your data through your phone, iPad, computer and easily share around with family and friends.


  1. You can use your smartphone for other purposes as well.

The best part about smartphones is that they can use them for various purposes rather than just communication.  A phone is only used for calling, whereas a smartphone can be used for photography and l as other stuff, which makes it an all in one device. In today’s time, users are looking for devices that serve multiple purposes, not to carry multiple devices, and conveniently take a single device that fulfills all the objectives.


Not only that, but you can enhance your photos via various applications and share them around the world.


  1. It has a bigger monitor.

Mobile phones, when they were launched, had smaller screens which made them only suitable for calling. When mobile phones started enhancing their features, manufacturers started emphasizing the screen as well. They found out that people prefer a bigger screen if they would like to multi-task. People want to stick to just their smartphones and do not want to switch to anything else.


For example, Smartphones let you see your photographs and review them on a bigger screen. On the other hand, a camera does not allow you to see as clearly and on such a big screen as the smartphone. A smartphone lets you zoom into the little details on its monitor.  If you are concerned about your picture’s focus and have captured everything you want to, you can easily do that on a smartphone’s monitor. It cannot be accessible on a camera which is why people are opting for smartphones instead.


  1. Editing is easier on a smartphone.

What has made users more addicted to the smartphones is that it has everything. More precisely, there is a craze for photography in the younger generation, which is why smartphones are targeting their in-built camera more.


As technology is advancing, so are the photo editing apps. Day by day, new photo editing apps are launching, and you can have access to these apps through your smartphone. It means you can easily click photos through your smartphone without wasting any time and then edit them on one of the many beautiful apps. You can try various filters available on your smartphone and try the ones on the photo editing apps.  You can do these editing hacks on your camera this easily, which is why a smartphone is more frequently used.


  1. You can take better selfies with your smartphone.

Selfies have become the new game-changer. Gone are the days when people would ask others to click their photos. Now selfies have become a trend. And this has become convenient using a smartphone. You cannot take your photos using a mirrorless camera or DSLR. But you can easily take your photos using your smartphone’s front camera, which is why all the smartphone hype is created.


The front-facing cameras of smartphones are the real game-changers, and this is what has affected mobile phone sales. People like looking at their faces and their beautiful faces using various filters. It has increased the time people use their mobile phones.



Smartphones have Replaced Cameras as well.

The drop-in retail of digital cameras is definite ever since smartphones with efficient cameras have become a trend. The most significant advantage that you have is that your smartphone is with you all the time. You can easily use it for taking photos. It is smaller and more convenient than a digital camera. You can easily share photos through your smartphone rather than a digital camera, requiring you to connect with a computer or laptop to share pictures.

Another advantage is that you can have a convenient backup for your photos using a smartphone. You can use Your smartphone for multiple purposes apart from just taking pictures. A smartphone has a bigger monitor than a camera. You can easily edit the images on your smartphone. You can do many things with your photos on your smartphone that you cannot on your camera. Last but not least, you can take better selfies with smartphones.


The availability of your phone with you adds up to why people have switched over smartphone photography from cameras. You can take pictures whenever and wherever you with a smartphone. If you contact something beautiful and worth capturing in your everyday routine, you can easily click an image using a smartphone. You would not carry a camera at all times.


Photography has a different dimension


It is also why we have become so addicted to smartphones because it fills in every criterion. Moreover, taking pictures from a camera takes much more attention from others, whereas a smartphone does not seek much attention. If you do not want to pursue a lot of attention while taking photos, a smartphone would be ideal.


Photography has a different dimension when you are using your smartphone for it. Smartphones let you do much more than what you can do using a camera.  There are many fun things regarding photography present on your smartphone, which are not available on your camera. Such a feature is Panorama mode. If you own an iPhone, you would know what we are talking about. The new iPhone lets you have various photography features that can be fun and enlightening for your photographs.

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