Interfere With Device's Ability To Perform

With Devices Getting So Thin, Will It Interfere With The Device’s Ability To Perform?

Interfere With Device’s Ability To Perform – In the current era, cell phone manufacturers try their best to make their cell phones as stylish as possible. The one way they can do this is by making cell phones slimmer. Slimmer cell phones are easier to handle, but there are some cons to them.

Do slimmer devices interfere with the performance of the device?

Battery explosions:


Yea, they do interfere with the performance of the cell phone. Moreover, performance is not the only thing affected when we talk about thinner devices. Devices are made thin to look appealing to customers because no one wants to buy thick and bulky phones. One disadvantage of using slimmer devices is that there is less space for the device’s components, and components such as the battery need ample space inside the cell phone, or else it may cause issues.


Let me explain this using an example so that you may understand what I am talking about. Do you remember the cell phone that Samsung launched in 2018? It was called the Samsung galaxy note 7.


Do you remember what it was famous for? Yes, for exploding. The one major defect with the Samsung galaxy note 7 was that it used to blast. Most of you might argue that it would be due to overuse of the cell phone, but the fun fact is that it used to explode when it was not used. Due to this reason, it used to explode inside the pockets of people, thus making it very dangerous. Many people receive burns on their chest areas and their side pockets.

What may be the reason behind this?

But what may be the reason behind this? The reason behind it is the size of the cell phone. The Samsung galaxy note 7 was a luxurious cell phone, and it had all the functions, an excellent camera, and a strong processor. It had one defect: it was too slim, and the cell phone manufacturing company stuffed too much material into it. As a result, the battery was packed inside the cell phone and jumbled up with each side’s components.

The thing about batteries is that they can expand depending on the weather. Batteries expand in summers due to the heat. As a result, if there is no space for the battery to expand, it will explode. The same happens with the Samsung galaxy note 7.   As a result, performance is affected as the cell phone explodes. And if there is no battery, the cell phone won’t even function.

Vulnerable touch screens:


The slimmer the cell phone, the more vulnerable the screen will be, too shattering. This is because nowadays, cell phone manufacturing companies tend to go for a full-screen cell phone. Most cell phone companies want to reduce the screen-to-body ratio and bring it to almost zero. This is because it gives the cell phone a much stylish look and attracts a lot of customers. Apple first produced such cell phones. The iPhone X design was unique as it had no home button, and the screen of the cell phone covered all of the front faces except the microphones and camera area.


This design becomes very popular, and as a result, android cell phone manufacturing companies such as Oppo and Huawei also adopted the same design. The main reason for adopting this design was that it made the phone look slimmer. The cell phone companies extended the screen of their cell phones to the corner to make the cell phone look slim and much more stylish. But there were too many disadvantages due to this. The first disadvantage was that the cell phone was vulnerable to screen damages. A drop on a concrete floor would smash the screen into tiny bits.

The cell phone manufacturers made the cell phone at an equal level from the top

It was because the cell phone manufacturers made the cell phone at an equal level from the top. Cell phones with unequal levels on the top made it much secure. I will explain this using an example. The Samsung galaxy note 3 has a silver border around its phone. If you keep the cell phone flat, you will notice that the borders are slightly lifter upwards from all sides. It means that if the cell phone falls flat on the screen, only the side borders will be damaged, and the screen would be safe.


It, however, is not the case in current cell phones. Once the cell phone drops on the ground, the screen is shattered. There are two possibilities when the screen breaks. The first one is that the screen might be out of use, and the other is that the screen might partially break, and thus the touch might lag then. It will affect performance while you use your cell phone, and you might have to change the screen or repair it.

The decrease in quality of camera performance:


Camera performance is dramatically reduced when cell phone manufacturing companies started to make call phones slimmer. The camera installed in devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops is very complicated as it involves multiple steps. Forst of all you have to place the chip for the camera. This chip is connected to the motherboard through wires. The chip is then connected to the lens of the camera through wires. After the lens is placed, another lens is placed in the camera, and the purpose of this extra lens is to help the camera focus and zoom into things. Moreover, the last stage involves a protective layer on the screen. This protective layer may be made out of plastic or glass.


It might be difficult to fit all these things into the cell phone and aim for slimmer cell phones. However, cell phone companies have found a solution to make their camera consumption slim. They can slimmer chips for the camera, and as a result, they take up very little space. Due to this reason, you must have seen that cell phone manufacturing companies are introducing cell phones that have more than one camera. Some of these cell phones have 2 or 3 cameras. The newer cell phones introduced by Samsung and Apple have up to 4 cameras.

Sensor size is necessary to detect things, and a smaller sensor size would not be as effective

However, even if they put more than one camera in their cell phone, they won’t increase the size of the sensor as they would have to increase the width of the cell phone. Sensor size is necessary to detect things, and a smaller sensor size would not be as effective. And the picture quality depends on the sensor size. As a result, if they reduce sensor size, the image quality would be effective, and you would not get better-quality photos.


Moreover, the size of the lens is important. The lens is made out of glass, and it is not like a chip. If it were, we could reduce the lens’s size and receive the same quality image. Most cell phones also reduce their Lense size, and you must have noticed a drastic decrease in picture quality.

Overheating issues:


There would be a ton of overheating issues when you are dealing with slim cell phones. There are different components in devices that produce heat. The first thing is the battery. The battery consists of lithium, and then you use the phone too much for longer hours; the chemical inside the battery tests and causes the cell phone to heat up. Moreover, the processor installed in the motherboard also produces a lot of heat. The processor carries out all the fun to oms available aim the cell phone, and hence it will heat up if you use the cell phone too much.


Most of you might argue that most decide to consist of fans that cool dozen the system. Yes, you are right, the laptops ate devices with both batteries and processors, and they consist of a fan to cool them down. But most of the time, the heat gets too much that the laptop may not continue to work and give you an error message that the device is overheating. Cell phones do not consist of any fans as they are slim. As a result, you will have to lower cell phone usage or keep a cold cloth to cool it down.

The main reason is that when these cell phones are manufactured

But have you wondered why slimmer cell phones heat up so much? The main reason is that when these cell phones are manufactured, the companies fit so much stuff in them that there is no space for air inside the cell phone to circulate. When air does not circulate properly, the devices will heat up. It is harmful as the devil may heat up so much that it may catch fire.


However, this happens only in extreme cases. In most cases, an error message will be displayed that the cell phone has overheated, and the cell phone will shut down. Moreover, due to overheating, the Performance of the cell phone reduces. You must have experiences that when cell phones overheat, cell phones’ performance reduces, and it starts to lag.

Other disadvantages of slimmer cell phones:

Damage due to water:


Another disadvantage of a cell phone is that the companies now install batteries that the user can not remove. But why do they use these batteries that users can not remove? There is just one reason behind this: they would make their cell phones much slimmer when they use such batteries. Putting user-replaceable batteries in the cell phone would make the cell phone thick and bulky. One reason for this is that companies would have to put an extra protective layer behind the camera to protect any dust from entering. If there are nonuser replaceable batteries, the extra protective later is removed. This would save space, and hence the cell phone would be slim.


However, there are many disadvantages if we use non-user-replaceable batteries. The first con is that when these batteries are placed, other components are placed closely and tightly together, which increases the heat produced inside the cell phone and hence overheating issues arise. Nonuser replaceable batteries are placed inside the cell phone, which means that if there is not enough space for them to expand, they will explode. Just like the Samsung galaxy note 7. These batteries are placed in the middle of the cell phone, and as a regular, if the battery heats up and causes an explosion, it will destroy all other components with it. If the batter were user-replaceable, it would be at the bottom of the cell phone, and if an explosion occurred, other components would be safe.

The battery is not user-replaceable

Moreover, if the battery is not user-replaceable, it would mean that they would not be immune to water. Let me explain this using an example so that you may understand. If you drop a cell phone that has user-replaceable batteries in a cell phone, you have the option of quickly taking out the battery and stop the functions of the battery. But you won’t be able to do the same if you have a cell phone that does not have user-replaceable batteries.


If the water enters, you will have to take it to a shop, and the person will open all the screws, and then he will take out the battery. It will take too much time, and by the time the battery is taken out, it will be damaged. In addition to this, the cell phone will also be damaged. There is a reason for this. If the battery is inside the phone, the current still circulates through the cell phone.

Advantages of slimmer cell phones:

Stylish design:


It is true. The slimmer the design of the cell phone, the most stylish it is. Moreover, it is a trend amongst people to look for slimmer cell phones. These phones are comfortable to use, and due to their smaller width, they will also be lightweight.


Moreover, if the cell phone is slim, the cell phone manufacturing company would have tightly fixed all the cell phone components. This means that there would be less air to flow around the commonest of the cell phone. A disadvantage e about this is that it would cause heating issues, but it will also have some advantages. The advantage is that water would not be able to flow easily inside the cell phone. It is because the components are packed tightly, leaving no space for water to flow. As a trust, the battery would also be safe.


Another advantage of a slimmer cell phone is that it would not break easily. There is just one reason for this, and that is the weight. If the cell phone is slim, it would mean that the parts used in the cell phone are lighter and smaller in shape. If they are light, the overall weight of the cell phone would be lighter. Now comes the physics part. If a cell phone is lighter, there would be lesser damage to it. And If it is heavier, the damage would be more. If the weight is more, the force of impact on the ground will be more, and as a result, the phone would break easily.

The best slim cell phones in 2021:


The first cell phone that is ideal for daily users is the Samsung galaxy s10. It has a sleek and stylish design. In addition to this, it is lightweight and has excellent performance. It allows users to use the 6.1 inches AMOLED display and carry out heavy usage.


The iPhone XR is also considered a great cell phone if you are looking for slim smartphones. Moreover, it is not as expensive as other apple products, but it provides users with excellent performance. It has a large display and other functions such as a fingerprint scanner and a touch screen.



We hereby conclude that slimmer cell phones do affect performance. In addition to this, it also has many disadvantages. However, having slimmer cell phones is the trend nowadays, and people buy them even if they have issues. Moreover, cell phones in the market are both slim and do not have any problems.

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