Invented A Battery For Smartphones That Few Weeks

Why Has No One Invented A Battery For Smartphones That Can Last A Few Weeks?

Invented A Battery For Smartphones That Few Weeks – Each portable device requires a battery to run. Mobile phones are also portable devices and can not be connected to electricity all the time. These batteries can be found in objects other than smartphones, such as torch lights, vehicles, toys, and even kitchen electronics.

Why has no one manufactured a cell phone battery that can last for a week or more?

There are several reasons for this, but if you think logically, do we need batteries that should last for weeks? Does the law of physics and chemistry allow it? We should see this in the following text. Some of those reasons are:

Very costly cellphones:


The first and most obvious reason is that it will be costly. But why is that so? Well, you see, lithium itself is very expensive even if it is used in fewer amounts. Most people may argue against using batteries out f much cheaper products. But that is not possible, and there is a reason for that. Have you ever wondered why every battery used in electronic devices has only lithium in them? The answer is that scientists tried out everything from the periodic table, and the most suitable element found for batteries was lithium.


Lithium gave that most battery timing, and it was also much safer than other chemicals. Moreover, extracting lithium is very costly; as a result, lithium batteries are expensive. Battery timing depends on the mobile phone you use. If it is a phone with a screen and many features, it will require more lithium in its battery. If you use a phone with basic functions, such as calling and texting, it will require a smaller battery with lesser lithium with a smaller screen.

Battery timing also depends on the amount of lithium used.

Battery timing also depends on the amount of lithium used.  I will explain this using an example to have a better idea of what I am talking about. A person has a mobile phone with an average-sized touch screen and functions such as music and camera. If this person wants the battery to last only a day, a smaller battery will be used with less lithium. If the same person wants to use the same phone and wishes that it lasts for more than two weeks, he will have to put a bigger battery with a lot of lithium loaded into it.


This much lithium is going to be expensive, and the company would fail to make any profits. No one would want to buy a mobile phone with basic features at such a high cost. The only advantage available at such a higher cost is the battery timing. As a result, people would find better alternatives, such as using a cheaper phone with many functions and day-long battery timing. As a result, most cellphone manufacturing companies never thought of making a cell phone having battery timing for more than a week.

Too big to carry around:


Each smartphone has a separate slot where the battery is inserted. While the cell phone is manufactured, the automatic machine frame out the battery area according to the design provided to the machine. The battery has a separate design with all dimensions such as length, width, and height provided to the machines. These batteries are manufactured in a different area in the company.


But the question arises as to what the size has to do with longer battery timing. Each battery size has a capacity of lithium allowed. If we put too much lithium in a small battery, the lithium will come out of the battery and damage your mobile phone. Skin injuries have also been reported in some parts of the United States of America. As a result, to curb the overflowing of lithium from batteries, the cellphone manufacturing companies have to change their cell phone design and make a design where a bigger battery can be fitted easily.

The company wants to build a mobile phone with a battery of more than a week

If a company wants to build a mobile phone with a battery of more than a week, it is effortless as most mobile phones have two basic functions: calling and texting. But the real problem arises when you want a smartphone to have a battery life of more than a few weeks. It is because smartphones do not only have two functions, such as calling and texting. They have much more, too, such as a calculator, video camera, Bluetooth, radio, touch screen, and social media browsing. All of these functions utilize too much battery.


If you want to make a smartphone last for more than a week, you will have to put a big lithium battery into it. The battery will be uncomfortably big, and it would look like you are holding a piece of brick instead of a smartphone. Big mobile phones have too many problems. The first problem is that they are difficult to carry around. Moreover, if you drop them even once from a height, you will severely damage your cell phone. And it will not fit in your pocket, and you will have to carry it at all times in your hand. Moreover, it would be easy to steal, and you may lose your cell phone forever.


Energy efficiency works to a point:


Pushing limits always causes problems, either morally or financially. The same is the case with mobile phones. The companies spend millions to analyze the market demands and the type of phone they should produce so that people can buy it without giving a second thought. Going too far in battery performance may cause too many problems for the company, and it may also shut down due to these stupid decisions.


If we go too far, the one thing that can happen is that the mobile phone will go unpopular due to lower performance. However, there would be a hype among the people for the longer battery timing, but they also get fed up, and hence the phone gets popular for having lower performance instead.


You must have seen the E-link phones in the market. These phones are different from smartphones as they have much smaller screens and physical buttons that you have to press. Unlike smartphones, they do not have touch screens and the diverse functions available in most cell phones. These e-link mobile phones are small in shape and are much cheaper than smartphones.

Since e-link phones have a smaller screen with very few functions, they do not consume battery

They also have a much better battery timing than smartphones. The companies who make these e-link mobile phones focus on battery timing, but they have a great advantage. Since e-link phones have a smaller screen with very few functions, they do not consume battery. So, they do not need to put a big battery. A smaller battery will give great battery timing.


So we can say that the phone will be small overall. However, with great battery timing, there is one disadvantage too. The con is that these e-link mobile phones have slow refresh rates and people do not like that. It has so few features that they call it a feature phone rather than a smartphone. They have different thinking while making these phones. They reduce the battery’s size to give it a longer life instead of increasing its size and giving it very long battery life.


However, the market has different demands. People don’t want that long battery life. They prefer that a mobile phone should have all the latest functions and in return, it will be completely okay if the battery lasts for just one day or two days. Thus we can say that keeping the public opinion in perspective, the companies never thought of making smartphones having long battery life.


Aftermarket alternatives for longer battery life:


Another reason for not creating bigger batteries for mobile phones is that there are many aftermarket materials available that can extend a cell phone’s battery life. Cell phone manufacturing companies do not launch their mobile phones without properly investigating the market. They also carry out several surveys to gain a better knowledge of what the public wants.


Why would these cell phone manufacturing companies not launch cell phones with a battery life of a few weeks? The most obvious reason is the availability of power banks. What are power banks? Power banks are of a small shape so that they could be carried around. They have no screen or functions and have a powerful battery inside them. This battery is capable of charging the batteries inside mobile phones. It was the main reason mobile phone manufacturing companies did not produce cellphones with batteries that could last for a week.

The batteries would be big and the phone would cost a lot

The disadvantage they would face is that the batteries would be big and the phone would cost a lot. As a result, people will not buy these bulky phones that are both expensive and ugly. People already have an alternative to taking their batteries for a week. So, these companies then focus on making power banks.  An example of this is the cell phone company Samsung. Samsung produces smartphones with excellent functions, but their batteries do not long more than a day, so they started producing power banks instead. It gave them loads of profits.


Moreover, the accessories provided by the cell phone companies also curb the effect of bigger and bulky batteries. You must have heard about the term fast chargers. So how are these chargers different from other chargers? These fast chargers have a very high voltage delivery and can carry a lot of charge to the battery within minutes. You must have seen advertisements from mobile phone companies such as Samsung or oppo that their chargers may fully charge a phone in less than half an hour. So if batteries do not last a day, people can use these fast chargers to keep their phones full all the time. Hence instead of producing ugly and expensive mobile phones, these cell phone companies focused on providing accessories that keep the battery alive for weeks.

Bigger batteries are dangerous:


Yes, it is true. The bigger the battery, the more dangerous will it be to carry the phone around. But why will it be dangerous? Lithium is a chemical, and it is always dangerous when we deal with chemicals. Lithium can be dangerous because if you do not handle it with care, your phone might catch fire, harm you and the mobile phone. If there is a bigger battery, the lithium inserted in it would be in a higher quantity. If the quantity of lithium is high, the risk is automatically increased.

The bigger battery, the more will be the lithium cells

Most teenagers tend to keep their mobile phones on changing when they sleep at night. So what happens is that during the night, the battery fills up but keeps on charging. The bigger battery, the more will be the lithium cells. If those cells heat a lot, the phone may catch fire, and there have been events in the past where people have died due to fire from the battery of the cell phone.


As a result, if the companies include bigger batteries for a longer time, the danger risk will be increased, and hence the company will become popular for making smartphones that catch fire. As a result, people would not buy mobile phones from that company, and hence their cell phone sales will fall.

Bigger battery but lesser functions:


The company does not have too many options all the time. They have to take great care in making the design of the cell phone. If the design is out of shape or the public does not like it, the company will not sell its cellphones to the market. Hence they will not be able to carry out sales, and they may also shut down and suffer huge losses.


There is one way to give the phone a sleek and slim design along with a battery that can last for more than a week. They have to reduce the functions of the cell phone. If the functions are reduced, the company would have to put just a slightly bigger battery in their smartphones to better battery life. This issue with reduced functions is that people would not like it. They want a phone that has all the latest features and also a good battery time.


But why is this not possible. If you include more functions in a mobile phone, you will have to give it more area. If the battery covers up most of the cell phone area, you will not have enough space to include more functions. As a result, we can say that to have the latest features in their cellphones, and these smartphone companies do not include batteries in the phones with a battery life of more than a week.

Are there any smartphones that have a battery life of more than a week?


Yes, there are some smartphones in the market, and they do have a battery life of more than one week. These mobile phones have special functions. An example of this could be gaming smartphones. These cell phones are made especially for people who are into gaming. The company provides functions that are only used while gaming and excludes unnecessary functions such as cameras. It allows cell phone manufacturing companies to include bigger batteries that have longer battery time. However, if these gamers continue playing games, these batteries would not last more than a day. But if these cell phones are used for day-to-day activities such as calling or texting, they may last for more than a week.


Some smartphones have different screens. Display screens consume most of the battery, so cell phone manufacturers install a reading screen inside the cell phones. There is not color on these screens and, it shows everything in black and white. These smartphones are ideal for a long time reading as they do not affect the eyes. Moreover, since there is no color in them, they may last for more than a week on a single charge.

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