People Can Make A 1TB Storage Device

If People Can Make A 1TB Storage Device, Why Can’t They Make 1TB Of Ram?

People Can Make A 1TB Storage Device – Both of these devices are the main components of a computer. Moreover, these devices are also used in mobile phones. Every computer or cell phone company provides different levels of storage for ram and hard disk.

Why can we not make a ram that has one terabyte memory?


If we think logically, we might understand that the only reason why rams with a memory of 1 TB do not exist is that they are expensive. You must have seen storage in cell phones that exceed 500 Gb or 1TB, but you would not have seen any phones with RAM as much as one terabyte. I can also give you an example of a phone in the market. You must have heard about the cell phone company called Apple.

Apple is famous for high-quality products such as iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and iPods. Let us look at the iPhone. Apple has made an iPhone that has a storage memory of around five hundred and twelve GB. It is the maximum storage memory given to the customers and has not yet been carried out by other cell phone companies. Moreover, you would never have heard about iPhones having a RAM of 1 TB. The same is the case when we talk about MacBook and iMac computers. They might have storage up to 2 or 3 TB, but they will never have ram storage of 1TB.

What do you think is the reason behind ram not having 1 TB memory

What do you think is the reason behind ram not having 1 TB memory? The reason is that ram is expensive. It is much expensive than the processor and the storage combined. The ram is not the same as the typical storage memory. It has different functions. Ram is known as random access memory, and its function is to hold memory and delete memory when required. As a result, it is different from Storage memory.

Most tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, hp, dell, and Acer do not have the resources to develop laptops or cell phones with a RAM of 1 TB. If you convert TB to GB, it is around 1024 GB. Just by looking at the number, we can see how it is. These companies would require a lot of investment to make RAM chips that can hold data work 1 TB. Even if they successfully make a RAM chip that is 1TB, they will be restricted to only a few products. The reason for this is that it is too expensive and can lead the company to huge losses.

The company invests so much money in making these devices,

Moreover, if the company invests so much money in making these devices, they would have to cover up the costs. As a result, if a company produces a cell phone or a laptop with 1TB of ram, they would have to sell it at a very high price to cover their costs and profit from it. I will explain this using an example so that you can understand it fully. Suppose a cell phone manufacturing company produces a cell phone with all the latest features but a ram of 1 TB. The total cost of making the cell phone was 1000 dollars. As a result, the company has to sell the phone for more than one thousand dollars to gain a profit.

For instance, the sale price is set at 1500 dollars. So, people will have to pay a whopping 1500 dollars to buy a cell phone with a RAM of 1TB. It is not feasible as no one would require a phone that has this much RAM; thus, people would prefer cheaper phones that have a ram of 4 or 5 GB. That phone will be much cheaper, and all daily life activities will be fulfilled using that device. Keeping the public option in mind, tech companies never dared to make electric devices that had a ram of 1 TB or more.

Rams will get too big:

The more memory we want to fit in the ram, the more the bytes will be in size. Most people might say that nowadays, cell phones can fit storage worth 500 GB in them, so they must fit 1 TB of ram. It is not possible, and there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that ram should not be compared to store memories as they are two different things. The storage memory can keep the data you put in it for as long as the storage device is safe or not corrupted. Ram helps the cell phone in carrying out functions such as handling files. It saves the data temporarily.

As a result, the ram is complex, and its size is different from storage devices. If you open up a laptop, you will be amazed to find out that a storage memory device of 1TB will have the same size as a ram device that is 3 or 4 GB. Now imagine if we take the memory of ram to TB. The ram size will increase drastically, and it would be difficult to put in smaller and portable devices such as cell phones or tablets. Moreover, the device would have to be too oversized, and it would not be easy to carry around.

A generation where people prefer devices that are sleek and slim

We live in a generation where people prefer devices that are sleek and slim. But we install a ram inside a device that is 1 TB; we will have to increase the body size of the device to fit it in. It would make the device look very bulky. It would be difficult to carry around, and, as a result, people would dislike it. Moreover, most people living in the United States, if America is not tech scientists, need electronic devices that have a ram of 1 TB. So, they opt for cell phones that have a sleek and slim design even though they do not have 1 TB of ram:

Bigger rams equal bigger batteries:

Rams consume most of the power in our devices after the screens. And if we would have to increase the capacity of rams to 1 TB, we would have to increase the battery’s size. Things get very complicated when we make the size of the ram very huge. If we use smaller batteries, we will not use our device for a longer time as the power would be consumed very quickly.

However, you would not have to worry if you have a constant electricity supply to your devices. That is why it would be much more convenient for the storage of rams to be increased for desktop computers such as the mac. Moreover, if the tech companies wanted to curb the effect of instant drainage of batteries, they would have to put much bulkier batteries. It would not only make the device look thick and fast, but also the mass of the device would increase.

Hence people would dislike it due to its heavyweight and refrain from buying it. They will search for devices that have smaller batteries so that they can be easily carried around.

Overheating issues:

Yes, it is true. There are overhearing issues when we deal with rams that have a memory of up to 1 TB. The bigger the ram, the more power will be required to run it. More power means that more electricity will flow through the wires. And according to the law of physics, the more the current passing through a wire, the more will be the heat.

As a result, the mother will start o heat up. But why the motherboard? It is because the motherboard has all the cutouts in it and controls most of the device. Moreover, for the bigger ram, we will have to install a big enough battery to run the device. It will also cause overheating.

Overheating is not good for any device as it can harm the components inside the device. For instance, if a wire is touching the battery and the battery gets too hot, it will melt the rubber layer over the wire, and the wire will become naked. As a result, if the air is humid, the wire will catch rust, and the device might not work.

People think that there might be some problem with the cell phone

Moreover, people dislike when their mobile phone heats up so much. People think that there might be some problem with the cell phone and hence they refrain from buying those phones. They become famous for their overheating issue, and no one buys them. As a result, company sales fall, and they are not able to make a good profit.

In addition to this, overheating due to the bigger ram may lead to the device catching fire. It happens in extended cases when the device is running for hours. The wires inside heat up, and the plastic covering starts to melt, and hence they catch fire. Moreover, due to extreme heat inside the device, the screen may also be harmed as it is susceptible. As a result, companies never hesitated to make 1 TB of ram because they case heating issues.

Most people do not need rams with 1 TB of memory:

Yes, it is true. The general public does not need rams that have a memory of 1 TB. It is because their needs are simple. Most people in the United States of America are business owners, or they have office jobs. These people do not have anything to do with technology and lead a simple life in technology. Their basic needs are fulfilled by smartphones that have functions.

Mostly rams with higher capacity are used in organizations such as NASA. NASA has supercomputers, and they need more than 1 TB or ram to process all the data. If they used smaller rams, they wouldn’t be able to carry out work. As a result, we cannot say that rams worth 1 to memory do not exist. They are used in supercomputers. Most of you might be wondering about the overheating and other issues mentioned above.

Let me get back to that. NASA is a huge organization, so it does not matter if they purchase rams, even if they are very costly. Moreover, these rams do not cause overheating issues because they are kept in air-conditioned rooms. As far as size is related, NASA does not need to carry around these computers with itself, so there is no issue if they are as big as a room. These rams are allocated a separate area and are kept with extreme safety.

What will happen if we have a ram with a memory of 1 TB?

Open as many tabs as possible:


Yes, it is true. You will be able to open up as many tabs as they want on their websites. You must have experiences that lag on your Google chrome or internet explorer when you open up more than 10 tabs simultaneously. The rams on your computers or cell phones have minimal ram, and they are unable to take the load of so many websites opened on one computer.

Moreover, there are other reasons why your computer or cellphone starts to hang when you open too many tabs. When you are browsing on a single website, you are doing many things, such as sending and receiving packets of data to and from the server. Moreover, there are high-tech graphics when you open websites. This is for one of the websites; now imagine if there are more than ten websites. As a result, the processing power of rams will increase, and you will be able to scroll through the internet smoothly.

Buffer many videos simultaneously:

Have you ever wondered how browsing works? When you click on a video on YouTube, the internet has to download the first few seconds of the video and then start playing it. The rest of the minutes are downloaded when you watch the video. This process is called buffering. All the data is downloaded and loaded into the ram. When the video plays, the data is retrieved from the computer’s ram or the cell phone.

When a portion of the video is downloaded, it takes up one portion of the ram temporarily. A time will come when the ram will be full, and it will not take up more data. As a result, the video will start to lag, and there won’t be enough space to run the computer’s basic functions. Due to these reasons, you might experience an unexpected restart from your device.

If you have a ram with a memory of 1 TB, you do not need to worry about your computer restarts. You can run as many videos as you want. You have unlimited space, and you can run anything on your computer.

Load all games on your computer at once:

You see, one TB of ram is a lot, and you can do anything. Most of the time, when you run out of ram, your game will automatically shut down. It is frustrating for high-tech gamers because if they haven’t saved the game, they will have to start again. Both online and offline games require ram.

Games take up more space than anything. But what is the reason behind this? Games that take-up of 100 GB of storage in your computer have very high graphics. When you start playing the game, these graphics are loaded into your ram. If your ram is very low, you might not be able to run the game as the graphics data does not fit in it.

As a result, if you have a ram of 1TB, you won’t have instant startups, and all the games can be loaded into the ram at once. If you think the ram will be filled, you are not aware of 1TB of RAM. One TB accounts for 1024 GB of ram, and that is a lot.


We conclude that people do not need 1 to rams, so the industries do not produce it. But that does not mean that they are not produced at all. Special rams of more than 1 TB are manufactured for organizations such as NASA.

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