Phone Battery Become User-Replaceable

Should Mobile Phone Batteries Become User-Replaceable Again?

Phone Battery Become User-Replaceable – With the advancement in technologies, the style and designs of mobile phones have also changed. Some phones have removable batteries, and some of them have batteries that are fit by the company when the phone was manufactured at the factory.


Should batteries become user-replaceable?

It is a deep topic, and there are too many reasons supporting the statement and going against the statement. First, we will talk about the sentences in favor of this topic. Then we will talk about all the topics that are against this.

In favor:

User-replaceable batteries helpful when cell phone hangs:


Let us talk about the purpose of non-replaceable batteries. They were made by companies so that people can take them whenever they want and put them back inside. Most mobile phones are manufactured with the same design. Have you ever wondered how you will identify user-replaceable batteries? If you can open your cell phone’s back lid, there is a ninety percent chance that the mobile phone you are using has a replaceable battery.


To make sure, push the battery forward, and if it pulls out, it means the battery is user-replaceable. There are many benefits of using user-replaceable batteries. The first one is that cell phone users with user-replaceable batteries may take out the battery whenever they want. It is the reason why smartphone companies that manufacture cheaper phones include the option of user-replaceable batteries.

The quality of products used in these cell phones is low

But why are user-replaceable batteries vital in lower-end phones that cost less than one hundred dollars? I will explain using an example so that you can fully understand what I am talking about. It is because these cell phones do not have a lot of rams. Moreover, the quality of products used in these cell phones is low. If the quality is low, you won’t be able to use heavy applications on your cell phone. If you do, the side-effect you may face is that the phone will hang and stay there until you do something about it.


Most of the time, it gets stuck at that position, and users have no option but to restart their phones. The only way of restarting your cellphone is to take out the battery so that the phone shuts down and placing it back again. If you do this, you will be able to recover your cell phone to the previous state.


Saves cost while replacing a battery:


Fixing a cell phone can be very expensive sometimes. The maintenance cost is further increased when you have to repair a phone that does not have a user-replaceable battery. But why is it so expensive to repair cell phones that do not have user-replaceable batteries? There is just one reason for it. The reason it is difficult to open a cell phone. Opening the cellphone is a must to carry out maintenance as all the hardware is packed inside.



Cell phones are manufactured use machines in the factories. These machines are automated to fix the cell phone so that it remains intact even when it falls and hits the ground with a heavy force. If you take it to the shop to replace a battery, the person will charge a lot as he has first to gather his tools and try opening the cell phone. The first thing he will do is open the screen. Hess screens are usually located on the bottom of the cell phone.

Cell phones are manufactured use machines in the factories

When the screws are removed, the person may lift the cell phone slightly, but that is not enough. He has to remove and wires attached to the body. The next step is to carry out a procedure to separate the adhesive from the body. The adhesive glue holds the cellphone intact. After the adhesive is removed, the user may be able to take out the battery. This procedure is quite costly as it requires a lot of effort, patience, and skill.


However, if you had a cell phone with user-replaceable batteries, you did not have to go through the process of removing the screws and the adhesive. It is because the user can access phones with user-replaceable batteries. A phone with user-replaceable batteries has a lid at the back of the phone. When you open the lid, you will be able to access the battery. If you think your battery is not performing, you have to go to a nearby shop and ask for the cell phone battery.


When you receive the battery, remove the old one and put the new one. Hence we can say that people having cell phones with user-replaceable batteries do not have to go through the trouble of opening up the whole phone. As a result, they save a lot of money.


User-replaceable batteries cause less damage:


Yes, it is true. User-replaceable causes less damage to the phone. Most of you might be wondering how batteries will cause damage to our cell phones. Well, batteries contain lithium, and lithium can be dangerous when the phone is not used properly. Most of the time, it is not the fault of the user. The factories tend to have a default in the phone, due to which they start to malfunction and cause problems for the cell phone and the cell phone users. You must be aware of the cellphone produced by Samsung. These cell phones were called the Samsung Galaxy S 7. This phone had a battery issue, and it used to explode in the pockets of people. Interestingly, the phone was idle and was not used by anyone, and it exploded.

The Samsung galaxy s7 was also a phone

The Samsung galaxy s7 was also a phone that had a battery that the user could not replace. It means that if you wanted to change the battery, you would have to take it to the shop and get it replaced. Most of you might be wondering how these phones will cause more damage. I will explain this using an example so that you may understand fully. Suppose you have two bombs. You place one bomb inside the car and the other bomb on the surface of the car. Which bomb will cause more damage? The bomb inside the car will cause damage.


Batteries are made out of lithium, and if the liquid from these batteries overflow. It can cause damage to the cellphone. When the battery is non-user-replaceable, it would be fit in the middle of the phone. So, if the lithium inside the battery reacts and explodes, all of the phones will be damaged. But if the battery is placed on the outer layer of the phone and only has a lid over it, it will not cause damage to the cell phone when the battery explodes. Only the lid will be damaged. As a result, the money for repairs can be far less if the phone has a user-replaceable battery.


Saves battery when a phone gets waterlogged:


You must have gone through those horrible experiences when you take your cell phone to the shower and drop it in the tub. Or you have gone on a vacation with your family, and you drop your phone in the water at the beach. First of all, you should understand that water and electricity do not go together. Extreme care should be taken when we talk about electricity inside the battery. The battery consists of dry chemicals inside. These chemicals are wrapped in such a way so that they can be protected from the moisture in the environment.


So, what happens when water reaches your battery? When the water reaches the battery. It will reach the chemicals inside, and hence your battery might not work ever again. The dry chemical inside the batteries is jotted wet, and hence it will stop functioning. Moreover, cell phones with wires in the cell phone that are not protected might also catch fire, and the phone might be damaged forever.


A cell phone that has removable batteries can save itself from buying a new phone. So what do you have to do when your phone falls in the water? The first step is to open the lid and take out the battery. It is vital to take out the battery, and there are two reasons to do so. The first reason is to protect the battery from getting wet, and the second reason is to protect the phone from short circuits.

The cell phone has several circuits inside it

The cell phone has several circuits inside it, and those circuits may be harmed if water touches them. Moreover, the motherboard may also blast a fuse, and you might have to replace the whole motherboard. It can be expensive. All of the happens when the current is flowing inside the cell phone.


If we can make out the battery within a few seconds when the phone drops inside the water, we will save the phone. It might not be possible if we had a cell phone which had a non-replaceable battery. By the time you take out the nonuser replaceable battery, the circuit would have been damaged. Moreover, another advantage of the user’s replaceable battery is that you might dry it out in the sun and use it again.


 Replaceable batteries have longer battery life:


If you want a cell phone with a battery that can last for a longer time, you should go with replaceable batteries, and non-user-replaceable batteries do not give battery life. Battery life is essential nowadays as people have a lot of work to do during the day, and most of the work is on their cell phones. Mobile phones nowadays are equipped with the latest features. These features help out the local people in their daily tasks.


Some of these features are writing down notes, using the calendar, recording videos, etc. These features consume a lot of battery, and it would suck if you had to carry around a power bank or a charger all the time to keep your cell phone charged. Moreover, it is a business tactic of cell phone manufacturing companies as it increases their newly launched products.

These companies install batteries in their cell phones


These companies install batteries in their cell phones so that the users cannot remove them. Battery performance is reduced when two years pass by. Even apple claims that battery performance reduces 20 percent after 500 charge cycles. It is because the chemical inside the batteries has exponential decay. Once a battery gives less performance, the user has two options.


The first option is that he changes the battery and the second option is that he changes the cell phone. Non-user replaceable batteries cost a lot of replacement as the cell phone has to be opened fully by the cell phone company. So, most people consider buying the newer version of the cell phone rather than spending money on changing the cell phone battery. If the cell phone had a user-replaceable battery, it could be easily changed.




Cell phone with fixed batteries is waterproof:

Cell phones that have non-user-replaceable batteries have are waterproof. It means that it is difficult for the water to penetrate deep inside the cell phone. But why is this so? When cell phones are made, the company takes great care in making the cell phone durable so that people do not face issues such as waterlogging. Moreover, it increases the reputation of cell phone companies.


Cell phones that have non-user-replaceable batteries give the company full right to design the phone from inside so that it is safe from water damage. First of all, the battery is placed in the middle of the phone, so even if the water enters the phone, it will take a longer time to reach the battery and damage it. Moreover, you must have noticed that cell phones that have nonuser replaceable batteries are slim in size. It is because the components are packed into each other, and there is no room for air. It is what makes the phone so slim. When the components are packed together, there will be no space for water to flow inside the water, and hence it is waterproof.


Moreover, the back lid is tightly placed over the phone to seal the battery and protect water from entering the phone from the backside. If you had a cell phone with a removable battery, the water would enter from the cell phone’s backside and damage it.


Cell phones with non-removable batteries are more secure:


All cellphones have a tracker placed inside them. Most of the time, this tracker is placed under the battery. When you lose your cell phone, the thieves remove your battery and then go on towards removing the tracker from your cell phone. Once the tracker is removed, the cell phone will not be traced.


If you have a cell phone that has a removable battery, it will be easy for the thief to remove the battery and the tracker below it. Moreover, he will remove the sim card, so it becomes even more difficult to track your cell phone. However, that is not the case when you own a cell phone that has a non-removable battery.


If such a phone gets stolen, the first thing the theory has to do is to figure out taking the battery out. It is not possible as he has to unscrew the screen the backlit and take out the battery. It would be time-consuming, so he won’t even hesitate to open up the cell phone. As a result, it would be easier to track the cell phone. Moreover, if the thieve takes longer, the phone will be tracked. Most of the time, these thieves throw away cell phones.




We can conclude that we should have cell phones with removable batteries because they are easier to manage. Moreover, if the water penetrates them, these batteries are available and changed at a low price. Phones with removable batteries are much cheaper than cell phones that have non-removable batteries.

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