Phone Photography Affected Camera Sales

How Much Has Cell Phone Photography Affected Retail Camera Sales?

Phone Photography Affected Camera Sales – As new cell phones are hitting the market, cellphone companies emphasize their cameras’ results rather than any of their features. Why is that so? It is simple. People are more inclined towards using their cellphones for their photography rather than using a proper camera. Very few nowadays own a professional camera. Instead, users now opt for a cell phone that has a brilliant camera.

When did the Retail camera sales start to drop?

When was the last time you saw someone own a digital camera? There was a time when cameras like Olympus Stylus 1000 were trending. These delivered pretty decent pictures and then were uploaded on your digital devices. These cameras usually captured photos through a short-range optical zoom lens. Then came the era of DSLRs.

But nowadays, who prefers a digital camera over a cellphone that has a good camera? Only a few in a hundred. The sales of retail cameras started dropping from the year 2010. The reason is simple, people have found solace in smartphone cameras instead. Smartphones are the new low-end cameras for today’s generation. iPhone and Other android phones have good pixel cameras built in them, which let users take good pictures which do not require them to have a separate camera.

The shipments of cameras have also dropped 30% globally

Despite the dropped sales of retail cameras, people are taking more pictures than they ever did. A report shows that people took about four hundred billion pictures this year. The shipments of cameras have also dropped 30% globally. If you closely observe, the stores for cameras are gradually closing down globally. The reason behind this is the all-in-one smartphone trend that is taking over the world very fast. Nowadays, smartphones have everything in them, comprising a mobile phone, data storage unit, personal computer, and a camera. Almost everyone prefers this convenience because they only have to carry one device instead of carrying a separate camera for pictures and a phone for their communication purpose.

Although the digital camera tried to interlink both the interchangeable lenses and the built-in lenses but unfortunately failed to capture the market for a long; since the year 2010, there is an eighty-four percent drop in digital camera shipments over the globe.

Is a Smartphone better than a digital camera?

The drop-in retail of digital cameras is definite ever since smartphones with efficient cameras have become a trend. But are really smartphones preferable over digital cameras? If you evaluate properly, not every smartphone is worth replacing a digital camera. Cheap cell phones do not come with a good camera, so you might need a digital camera for taking pictures. It is the same way a normal digital camera would not match the results of a DSLR. How to find out if using your smartphone to take pictures is better than using a camera instead? Let’s shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of a smartphone first:

Advantages of Using a SmartPhone

The biggest advantage that you have is that your smartphone is with you all the time. You can easily use it for taking photos. It is smaller and more convenient than a digital camera. You can easily share photos through your smartphone rather than a digital camera which would require you to connect with a computer or laptop to share photos. Another advantage is that you can have a convenient backup for your pictures using a smartphone. Your smartphone can be used for multiple purposes apart from just taking pictures. A smartphone has a bigger monitor than a camera. You can easily edit the pictures on your smartphone. You can do many things with your pictures on your smartphone that you cannot on your camera. Last but not least, you can take better selfies with smartphones.

Disadvantages of Using a SmartPhone

  1. As compared to superior cameras, a cheap smartphone may take low-quality pictures.
  2. You cannot do creative photography with your smartphone.
  3. Your smartphone would have limited options for lenses.
  4. The digital zoom on your smartphone would create low-quality pictures.
  5. Your smartphone would not give you good quality pictures in low light.
  6. Taking action photos using a smartphone would be challenging.
  7. Smartphones would not give you a professional look.
  8. The smartphone sensors are small.
  9. The smartphone cameras have limited ability due to the small lens.


When we consider the advantages of smartphones, we can see that they give us ease of use, and they are not that bad when we talk about everyday photos. If we own a good smartphone like iPhone 12 or Galaxy Note, you will have some great everyday photos.

Why has Smartphone photography replaced cameras?

Here are some reasons why smartphones have become a better option for a photograph for users:

  1. Your Smartphone is with you All the time.

The availability of your phone with you adds up to why people have switched over smartphone photography from cameras. You can take pictures whenever and wherever you with a smartphone. In case you get in contact with something beautiful and worth capturing in your everyday routine, you can easily click a picture using a smartphone. You would not carry a camera at all times.


This is also why we have become so addicted to smartphones because it fills in every criterion.


  1. It provides ease of use.

Imagine grabbing your phone to take a quick shot. Isn’t it easy and quick? Can you do the same with a camera? No, right. Your phone is always easily available around you, making it less time-consuming and easy to click photos whenever you want. You have to pick it up and click the shot. It is as easy.

If you are using a camera instead, you would need first to carry it around everywhere, and they would have to take it out, set the focus, etc., and then click the shot, which would take more time.


  1. Smartphone photography is less time-consuming.

A DSLR or a digital camera takes some time to click a photo as you have to do a few things like turn on the focus or set the lens etc. In the meantime, your smartphone would have already clicked the photo.


However, this does not mean the photo quality is better, but just the fact that you can quickly click the picture and see the results makes it convenient for users to use a smartphone for photography instead of a camera.


  1. Smartphones are smaller in size.

If you own a smartphone like the iPhone 12, you will be able to take distinctive pictures. No one will notice that your pictures are taken from a smartphone rather than a digital camera. You can gain the advantage of brilliant, high-quality photos with a much smaller and lighter smartphone than the DSLR or any other camera.


Moreover, taking pictures from a camera takes much more attention from others, whereas a smartphone does not seek much attention. In case you are someone who does not want to seek a lot of attention while taking photos, then a smartphone would be ideal for you.


  1. You can easily share photos via a smartphone.

Today’s time is all about sharing your pictures with friends and on social media. The easier it is for people to share photos on social media platforms, the happier they are. Cameras do not give users the ease to share their photos with so much convenience, but smartphones do. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can conveniently share your pictures with the world.


Some digital cameras let users share their pictures online, but they are still not as convenient as smartphones, which is why users prefer smartphone photography over cameras.


  1. You can have a backup easily.

When you have a huge collection of photos, you would be worried about losing them. A smartphone lets you have a cloud backup very easily. All you need to have is an internet connection to your phone, and you can send the photos to the cloud. Once you do this, you can easily access your photos through your phone, iPad, computer and easily share around with family and friends.


  1. You can use your smartphone for other purposes as well.

The best part about smartphones is that they can be used for various other purposes rather than just photography.  A camera is only used for photography, whereas a smartphone can be used for photography and other stuff, making it an all-in-one device. In today’s time, users are looking for devices that serve multiple purposes. They do not have to carry multiple devices and can conveniently carry a single device that fulfills all the purposes.


Not only that, but you can enhance your photos via various applications and share them around the world.


  1. It has a bigger monitor.

Ever used a camera before? If you have, you would know what we are talking about when we say smartphones have bigger monitors. Smartphones let you see your photographs and review them on a bigger screen. On the other hand, a camera does not let you see clearly and on such a big screen as the smartphone. A smartphone lets you zoom into the little details on its monitor.


If you are concerned about how your picture’s focus is and have captured everything you want to, you can easily do that on a smartphone’s monitor. This cannot be easy on a camera which is why people are opting for smartphones instead.


  1. Editing is easier on a smartphone.

As technology is advancing, so are the photo editing apps. Day by day, new photo editing apps are launching, and you can have access to these apps through your smartphone. This means you can easily click photos through your smartphone without wasting any time and then edit them on one of the many wonderful apps. You can try various filters available on your smartphone and try the ones on the photo editing apps.


You can do these editing hacks on your camera this easily, which is why a smartphone is more convenient to use.


  1. You can do a lot of things using your smartphone, which you cannot on your camera.

Photography has a different dimension when you are using your smartphone for it. Smartphones let you do much more than what you can do using a camera.  There are many fun things regarding photography present on your smartphone which are not available on your camera. Such a feature is Panorama mode. If you own an iPhone, you would know what we are talking about. The new iPhone lets you have various photography features that can be fun and enlightening for your photographs.


  1. You can take better selfies with your smartphone.

Selfies have become the new game-changer. Gone are the days when people would ask others to click their photos. Now selfies have become a trend. And this has become convenient using a smartphone. You cannot take your own photos using a mirrorless camera or DSLR. But you can easily take your own photos using your smartphone’s front camera, which is why all the smartphone hype is created.


The front-facing cameras of smartphones are the real game-changers, and this is what has affected camera sales. People like looking at their own faces and their beautiful faces using various filters. This is not possible with a camera.

Can a smartphone really replace a camera?

There is no doubt that a smartphone has a lot of features combined with convenience. This convenience cannot be achieved through a camera. But the question is, can a camera really be replaced by a smartphone, and is the declining camera sales justified?

The answer to this question would be different for everyone as everyone’s definition of photography is different. Some people do not care about the quality of photos, and then there are people for whom photos do not matter at all, then are people for whom photography is a passion. People passionate about photography would not care about the convenience, ease of use, and fun filters. They would love to hold a camera in their hands and switch the lenses and change the focus from time to time. No matter how good a smartphone can be, for such people, nothing can replace a camera.

The question here is that is the declining sales of cameras justified?

But then some people want good pictures of themselves, and that is it. For such people, the ease of use, convenience, and these fun filters present in a smartphone is very appealing. This is how most of today’s generation has become, which is why smartphones are at their peak. Such people are more interested in sharing pictures with friends and family quickly, editing them using various apps, and making them perfect for showing them to the world. Selfies are what they are most interested in, so they are more satisfied with using a smartphone for photography.

The question here is that is the declining sales of cameras justified? The answer would be that it totally depends on the demand. The demand of today’s generation is for a smartphone with a good pixel camera so that they could take good pictures yet enjoy the perks of a smartphone. A good, high-quality smartphone like iPhone 12 can give you excellent photography results and can actually replace a camera. But for people who are fond of camera photography, even the best smartphone camera would not be enough.

The declining camera sales clearly show that such people who are fond of real camera photography are very few compared to smartphone photography lovers.

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