Phones Run Very Slowly Even 2 GB of Ram

Why Do Some Phones Run Very Slowly Even Though They’re Equipped with 2 GB of Ram?

Phones Run Very Slowly Even 2 GB of Ram – Phones come in different sizes and different specs. It depends on how much you are willing to spend on your cell phone. If you have the money, you can buy cellphones with higher specs like a bigger screen or a higher ram.

Why some cell phones are slow even when equipped with 2 GB ram in them?

Phone speed does not depend only on the RAM:


Most people are indulged in the misconception that cell phones are quick and fast just because they have the higher ram in them. The ram installed in a smartphone plays a vital role in the speed and performance of the smartphone. But several other reasons add to this. Many components in the cell phone contribute to its overall performance. By the overall cellular performance, I am referring to the speed of the cell phone.

Ram does not directly increase the speed. I will explain this using an example to have a better and clear idea of what I am referring to. Suppose you have a container that can hold 100 liters of water. If that fills up, it means that you will not be able to add more water to it. The same is the case with RAM. The RAM has the same function. If you have more ram in your cell phone, it will be able to accommodate more data. As a result, it is incorrect to say that the RAM helps increase the cell phone’s overall speed. It is a wrong concept. So what is the moral function of a ram them? The ram prevents the cell phone from slowing down due to the load of work.

The function of the ram is to store data temporarily when the device is running

The function of the ram is to store data temporarily when the device is running. It allows devices to run recently open the application in the background while running another ram. The ram data file are cleared when the background apps are removed or the cell phone is rebooting. The more the ram, the faster the cell phone will work with the recently opened application functioning. The ram also allows opening the background application from exactly when a person left them. The ram does not permit the apps to refresh. People tend to overburden the ram by running too many recently opened applications. It slows down the functioning of the cell phone and makes its working less efficient and less enjoyable.

The cell phone’s speed comes from the type of CPU

The cell phone’s speed comes from the type of CPU one has installed in a cell phone. If you have a very slow CPU and a very high RAM, you will still have a cell phone with comparatively less speed. You must have heard about the term clock speed. It is the speed of the CPU. The more the clock speed, the more will be the speed of your cell phone, and the more smoothly will an individual be able to run your games on your cell phone? As a result, we can say that it does not matter if you have 2 GB of ram in your cell phone. It is because the cell phone’s speed depends on the clock speed of your CPU rather than you’re RAM.

Moreover, your cell phone’s processor also has to do with the speed of your cell phone. You must have heard about the terms snapdragon or Qualcomm. Both of these are the names of CPUs installed and operating in cell phones. If you have a powerful processor, you will experience a smooth performance when you use your mobile phone.

Hardware problems:


The phone’s hardware components are equally to blame for the reduction in the performance of the cellular devices. While constantly using the cell phone, the hardware components become overburdened. The hardware components become rugged that slows down the functioning of the device. It also occurs when a person has stored an abundance of unnecessary data that puts a strain on the smartphone and ultimately slowing it down. It is not wrong to conclude from this; a 2GB ram is adequate for the correcting functioning of a smartphone. However, when the cell phone is properly in use, and they are taken care of. Rough use of any device and carelessness will lead to a rise in problems.

In addition to that, when people tend to drop their cell phones. As a result, it is damaged. Some of the hardware suffers from damage from the impact that hiders the proper function of the device. To fix this, people tend to repair their cell phones instead of purchasing a new one as fixing them is a cheaper alternative. The technicians need to carry out the correct procedure. They must give attention when repairing or later lead to other problems in the future or even permanent damage.

The technicians replace the damaged components with old and outdated cellular components

Some technicians replace the damaged components with new parts. At times, those new parts are of low quality. It either reduces the performance of the smartphone or; the cellular component breaks down in the future. It means that the customer once again has to pay the cost for repairing the device. Furthermore, the technicians replace the damaged components with old and outdated cellular components. It also reduces the speed and performance of the device. Moreover, it also reduces the life of the spare part and ultimately the cell phone.

If the damage is a major one, it is advisable to pay a little more and purchase a brand new device. One minor flaw in the repairing will create more problems than it can solve. However, if the smartphone’s damage is minor, repairing it is cheaper and recommended alternative. There is a minimized chance of errors in repairing minor internal damage and, it is less expensive to fix it than to buy a new device. Moreover, whenever one needs to repair a cellular device, he should consider taking his cellular device to a known technician. If the work is not properly done, he will have to go again to raise the overall costs.

High Ram but low device Storage:


A cell phone has limited internal storage that comes within the cell phone from the company. The amount of storage in devices increases every year. It is because of the increase in demand for higher storage and the invention of new applications every year that require more storage. Additionally, their constant updates that one needs to install in the device. Although doing this keeps the smartphone up to date, it comes at storage in the cell phone. Each update requires little storage, but it accumulates updates over the years that fill up space.

When there is little storage available in the device, the cell phone will slow down even if it has a 2GB ram. It is because the operating speed of the flash drive slows down as the flash drive fills up. The issue is resolvable by deleting the unused app or data that one does not require. Many devices powered by android will inform the user that there is little storage left on the device and also; put forward the recommended solution. Applying the solution can help increase the device’s performance but not to the extent that it had when the device was bought brand new.

The failed memory areas are inaccessible and, the only solution is to remove or replace the hard drive in the cell phone

Even when the cell phone does not notify the user about the minimized storage left on the device, the cell phone may still be slow because of the memory clutter and the data from the old deleted apps that slow down the cellular device. The problem is better known as fragmentation. Fragmentation is a result of failed memory areas. It occurs due to the aging of a cellular device and when a device approaches its read and write cycle limit. The failed memory areas are inaccessible and, the only solution is to remove or replace the hard drive in the cell phone.

Having many fragmented files results in a longer scanning time, thus reducing performance—the cell phone hard drives in unable to locate free storage for the fragmented files. Although android software and drivers try to perform a good job to reduce fragmentation, the fragmented files ultimately pile up over the years of usage.

There is little space left to store other files and application and its slows the device down. A permanent solution for this is to perform a factory reset to the phone that completely wipes out all the data. Another solution for android users is that it allows them to install additional storage by using micro SD cards to store pictures and videos. The last solution is not for I phone users as there is no slot in iPhone for SD cards. Therefore even with 2 GB of ram, the cell phone is likely to slow down because of these issues.

Battery problems:


The batter installed in the cell phone also plays its part. Under some conditions, the batter in the cell phone is also responsible for slowing down the cellular device. It mainly occurs due to the aging of the battery. Yes, batteries age as well. A three-year-old battery will last for less time and will hinder the performance of the device compared to a new battery.  A battery that is two and a half years old does not last one whole day on a single charge.  It needs charging multiple times to stay alive.

The battery problem that affects cell phones’ performance is the internal resistances of the battery resulting from the electrode film build-up. The internal resistance has two outcomes; it results in output voltage falling during a high current draw. This is known as voltage drop.  It means that the voltage of the battery from the electrode film build-up is wasted. The voltage is dissipated in the form of heat from the battery that heats the cell phone’s nearby internal parts. When the CPU of the cell phone heats up, it reduces the device’s speed and performance.

The CPUs, in general, are very heat sensitive

The CPUs, in general, are very heat sensitive. As a result of overheating, the cell phone itself dials back the processors’ speed and reduces performance. It cools down the CPU as it operates at a lower speed to protect itself from permanent damage. For the CPU to run at high performance, it requires a larger amount of energy and voltage. It leads to a much higher voltage drop. Running an old and outdated battery cannot provide such power and voltage. It reduces the dialing speeds of the CPU and slows it down.

Therefore, even if the phone had 2GB of ram, the battery’s poor power management, and unstable performance will heat the device and slow it down. To fix this, one should contact his cell phone manufacturer and ask for battery replacements. It will increase the performance of the battery and the cell phone. It also will allow the cell phone to last longer and, there will be no overheating issues. However, one must make sure not to replace it with a low-quality and cheap battery. It will create more problems than it can ultimately solve.

Outdated cell phones:


Every year, there are new cellular devices invented. These devices come with newer and better parts to increase performance. New software and new updates make these devices faster each year. There is high competition among the leading manufacturers, and they tend to develop products with the best quality and performance to increase their sales. With the new updated and powerful inventions, many web and application developing companies develop better and upgraded applications and games run by the new devices. The applications are constantly updating and developing and, one has to update his cell phone to run those applications.

So if a person has a cell phone with 2GB of ram and it is three years old, the cell phone will face problems in running today’s applications. If we take two cellular devices with similar specifications, but one was manufactured 3 years ago, and the other was manufactures a few weeks ago, the one recently produced will give a better performance than the older version in running the same applications. The applications in use today are made to run on the latest devices and not the older versions.

one cell phone has 3GB of ram but is three years old

Even if one cell phone has 3GB of ram but is three years old, it is slower than the device with 2GB of ram produced a few weeks ago. Another reason for this is that the old devices’ components do not remain as efficient when compared to the newer devices. Due to constant usage, the spare parts become worn out and outdated and do not give the same performance that they once did. One can try and replace the spare parts to resolve the issue, but it is not permanent. The only solution is that one must purchase a new device after some time. It is said that some companies purposely do this to increase their sales every year.

So if a cell phone has 2GB of ram but, it is old, it is likely that the phone will slow down.

The actions of the cellular device manufacturers:


There have been some rumors going on for a couple of years that the cell phone manufacturing companies purposely make changes to their devices to slow them down. It seems like a foolish marketing decision but, the idea is that when they make the cell phone slower, the people will become fed up and look towards purchasing a new device.

There were allegations on the Apple Company that it gave software updates to its older devices that slowed them down. Apple may have done this to get rid of their old devices and purchase newer ones to increase sales of the company. However, there is no such proof to support such allegations.



Having a higher ram by itself cannot increase the performance of the device.  Several other factors need to be looked upon when talking about the speed and performance of cellular devices.

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