Smartphone Lack Removable Battery

Why Do Premium Smartphones Lack Removable Battery and Expandable Memory?

Smartphone Lack Removable Battery – With technological advancements, mobile phone companies are making several changes in the design of cell phones. One of those advancements is the restriction of expandable memory. The other advancements made include the need to remove batteries.

Why do smartphones lack removable batteries?

Take up less space:


Nowadays, cell phone-producing companies’ main focus is to include as many functions in their smartphones as possible. There is a race between these smartphone companies to reach the top and double the sales. Doubling sales is the main focus of these smartphone companies as it will allow them to become diverse and put more designs on their mobile phones.


We have to keep in mind the general rule of attracting customers. The rule is that the more good-looking and the phone with the most features will rule over the market.  We live in an advanced world now, so people do not want to call with their phones. The phone they buy should have the features available, and so that they can help the customers in their daily lives. I will explain using an example.  A person will opt for a mobile phone with a stylus to write notes on his phone and not need a diary.


This the reason why these cellphone companies have non-removable batteries. These batteries are much smaller and compact with a slim design. But how do they differ from other batteries? The non-removable batteries do not have a back panel, allowing them to take up less space. They save space allows the cellphone companies to include more functions in the cell phone. The more the cellphone functions, the more will be functions, and sales would double because people would like to use smartphones with the most features.

Modern design for mobile phones:


Style and preferences change when we progress with time. People nowadays want their mobile phones to be modern and have the latest design. The designs preferred by most people in the current era are the ones that are slim in width and have large screens. The removable batteries allow the cellphone manufacturing companies to make their mobile phones thinner and much more compact. Moreover, people also want their mobile phones to be of higher quality to use their mobile phones for years and not experience any difficulties.


As a result, the cellphone manufacturing companies move toward removable batterie because they save space. The battery usually takes up the most space to make the mobile phone more compact and slimmer if we reduce its space. These cellphone manufacturing companies will use the free space to add the additional component of the phone. It will give us a thinner phone rather than a thick bully phone. A disadvantage of carrying a bulky thick phone is that it is heavy and too big to fit in the pocket.

Cost-effective mobile phones:


We live in an era where prices or products talk to the skies. When the world faces a natural disaster or calamity, the first thing affected is the economy. The economy of the world is very sensitive and can collapse with problems such as earthquakes or tsunamis. If you look at the current situation of the world, you might understand in a better way. The coronavirus situation has put the economy under stress, and people look for cheaper alternatives as their sources of income are affected.


Mobile phones are necessary for every human being, and people look for the cheapest one available on the market. Most of these cheaper phones have the latest features, including inexpensive mobile phones such as iPhones and Samsung. But what can the cellphone manufacturer do to make the mobile cheaper? The only way to make it cheaper is to remove some components from the mobile phone.


As a result, they use removable batteries. It is because these batteries do not consist of a back panel that is included in all of the removable batteries. It saves them the cost of adding a back panel to the smartphones. Moreover, they remove bulky material from mobile phones to make them slimmer. These materials save cell phone manufacturing companies a ton of cost. Using removable batteries provide two benefits. The first one is that companies can make a higher profit by manufacturing cheap phones, and the second benefit is that people will have the facility of buying cheaper ones. The cheaper ones will attract more people, and hence the company sales will increase.

Makes the mobile phone waterproof:


With an increase in features and design, the customers also want their phones to be safe from all sorts of damages. One of these damages is water damage. The cell phone is not just a metal or plastic case as it seems from the outside. Cell phones have multiple wires connecting one component of a mobile phone to the other. Moreover, these cellphones have another board that is directly connected to the battery. The motherboard carries out all the electric functions in the mobile phone.


If you drop your phone in water, or you keep on using it while it’s raining, there are chances that the water will go through the holes in the phone and damage the motherboard. It can also cause harm to other electrical components such as the screen or the speaker of the phone. Electricity flow is disturbed by water. Moreover, even if your phone keeps on working, it will stop after a while. It is because the water causes rust to appear inside the phones.


As a result, the cell manufacturing companies found an alternative to stop water from entering the mobile phone. The alternative was that they should use removable batteries. It is because removable batteries are compact, and they allow the cellphone manufacturing companies to keep the phone as compact as possible. The theory they used here is that if the phone is compact and components are very close to each other, the water would not get to the motherboard.

Better security if the phone gets stolen:


Let’s be honest the world is not as safe as it was before. Unemployment is at its highest, and people are forced to steal to make their ends meet. The mobile phone has got to be one of the most stolen objects in the world. Nowadays, our phones do everything for us. They help us in making notes, taking pictures, and even in transacting money online. From all of this, we can assume that our cell phones contain data.


As a result, cell phone manufacturing companies found a way to protect your data in the phone from thieves. They decided that if we’re to put non-removable batteries instead of removable ones, there will be two benefits. The first advantage would be that the mobile phone would be easily traced, and the other one is that the data inside the phone will be secure.


Mobile companies that install non-removable batteries also install non-removable back lids on the phone. These lids are not easy to open and would require the proper tools to open them. Moreover, if the thief does not open the lid, he will not access the hard drive. The hard drive contains all of the user data saved in the cell phone. Some thieves try to open the lid and disable the location tracking features. If the phone has a non-removable lid, the thief would not be able to disable those features, and the chances of you finding your mobile phone will be higher.

Increases durability:


Yes, non-removable batteries make the phone more durable. The one thing that all cellphone owners need is durability, as they can not be wasting a ton of money on their mobile phones each year. As a result, to increase popularity and durability, cell phone manufacturing companies moved towards non-removable batteries.


Removable batteries reduce durability because the customer will constantly be fiddling with the batteries and damage other parts. Moreover, the constant removing of battering can damage the inside of the phone with scratches. Furthermore, removable batteries also have removable back lids. It will be easier for the dust to accumulate inside the mobile phone and cause electrical problems. In addition to this, constantly removing batteries and putting them back inside will damage the battery terminal. People usually take off the battery when their phone hangs, and it is dangerous as cutting off the current instantly can cause a fire in the phone and damage it. Non- removable batteries cannot be removed instantly, and you have to wait until your phone is functional.

Earning for the company:


As I said before, companies’ main focus is to make profits, and they will o t any extent to do so. The decision to include non-removable batteries on mobile phones was backed up due to financial reasons. These cell phone manufacturing companies wanted to make earn money even after they sold their smartphones to customers. Most smartphones are made so that ordinary people can not open them if any fault arises. If you try to open these phones using a screwdriver, you will have a broken phone.


The same is the case with non-removable batteries. These batteries are fixed with a specific mechanism, and if someone who is in-experienced unscrews the battery, he would not be able to place it back again and damage his phone. The only option left is to take it to a repair shop. Most cellphone companies have their repair shops. If you take a phone to an authorized repair shop, the money earned is split between the cellphone company and the repair shop owner. I will explain using an example. If you damage your iPhone and take it to a repair shop, the money you pay for the services will be split with the shop and apple company on a 1/3rd ratio.


As a result, we can say those non-removable batteries are included in phones so that the cellphone company can earn from repairs too.

Why don’t cellphones have expandable memory:

Memory cards are slow:


Most mobile companies aim that their smartphone should be the fastest and not lag when the user multitask. Therefore, companies will go to any extent to speed up their phones or prevent certain factors that may slow down mobile phones. According to most mobile phone companies, memory cards are slow and can affect mobile phones’ performance.


If mobile phones are slow, people will refrain from buying them, and as a result, the sales of the company will be low, and they would have to reduce the prices of their cellphones to cover up for the losses. It is why memory cards are not used, and cellphone companies stick to the in-built memory in their phones.

Threats of viruses:


Elite cellphone companies such as Apple want their products to be as safe as possible. By safe, I mean safety from viruses. Viruses are dangerous for mobile phones as they can lead to several problems. The first risk of viruses is that your data will not be secure anymore. It means that if you carry out transactions using your mobile phone, the person who sent the virus will have access to all your bank details. Moreover, he may also retrieve important pictures in the gallery of your mobile phone. Moreover, the virus can also gain access to your social media accounts and hack them. They will be curling your social media accounts then.


Viruses may also affect the performance of your cellphone. When viruses enter your cellphone, they may bring along malicious files with them to corrupt your files and make your cellphone very slow. But how do these viruses enter your cellphone? It is simple. They enter using your memory card. I will explain using an example so that you can understand. When you take out a memory card from your cellphone and give it to some other person to put music in it, the person will insert it into one of his computers that may have a virus. While transferring music, the person will also transfer viruses unintentionally. As a result, cellphone companies decided not to have expandable memory to keep their devices safe from viruses.

Marketing strategy:


Most cellphone companies don’t care if their mobile phones receive viruses or not. They provide their customers a set of instructions to keep themselves safe from viruses. However, these companies do care if they want to double their sales.


I will explain using an example. Each year a company releases new models with different price tags. The price tags are mainly due to memory options. Cellphones with more memory will be more expensive to buy than mobile phones with lesser memory. If a person is an addict to buying the newer model, he will opt to buy the cellphone with the most memory. As a result, it will increase the sales of expensive models and hence increase their profits.


If these cellphones had different models but with expandable memory, then the person would find it cheaper to buy the cheaper model will the least memory and, later on, buy an after-market memory card to expand the memory. As a result, they would refrain from buying the cellphones with higher price tags and lower down profits.

Saves space:


if the company had to provide an area for expandable memory, it would have to be big enough to fit any memory card in it. However, cellphone companies save space by not providing the option of expandable memory. It saves space as the company can fit the smallest chip with the most memory. The saved space can be used to make the cellphone slimmer or give it additional features.



We can conclude that there are two reasons why premium cellphones do not have expandable memory. The first is that it doubles the sales of the company and protects the cellphone of the user.

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