Smartphones Use The Same Camera As iPhones

Why Don’t Other Smartphones Use The Same Camera As iPhones If They’re So Good?

Smartphones Use The Same Camera As iPhones – There are differences in mobile phones, and these mobile phone companies compete to make the best products. As a result, both the customers and the companies take advantage of it. However, there is always a smartphone that has better quality than the other.

Why don’t other smartphones use the camera of the iPhone if they have higher quality?


There are multiple reasons for them, and they tell us why other smartphone companies do not use the products for making the same camera as iPhone. Some of the reason is stated below:

iPhone uses expensive products:


The first reason is the cost of the camera. It is the most obvious reason. Apple is one of the top cell phone manufacturing countries and has been on the top, positing most of the time. Not being an ordinary company, Apple has given the highest priority to its reputation. As a result, they spend a lot of money making the best products available on the market. Moreover, Apple does not use cheap material, so they have many durable products that last for a very long time. Apple is much richer than most mobile phone companies and generates an average income much more than other android or window making companies.


In addition to this, Apple has so many resources that it can bear a loss if they produce a phone with a bad camera. The other companies are not that stable and are still working on reaching a stage where huge losses do not affect their company.


It is a simple process. If you spend more money making a product, it will be better than the rest and work for a longer time. Moreover, Apple also invested in hiring labor that has expertise in this field. Some may argue that Apple is always searching for cheap labor, but it still spends more on labor than other countries. Currently, Apple has hired labor for organizing and fitting parts from china. The Chinese are smart, hardworking, and cheap to buy.


Furthermore, every component of the camera goes through proper testing repeated times so that if an error is encountered, the production should be stopped, and the error should be fixed. As a result, we can say that other companies do not want to use the same camera as iPhone because it takes many costs to manufacture it.

Apple does not make its parts:


Most of you might be amazed, but this is true. Most of the parts are made by third-party companies. These companies charge apple for making the products and have been working with them ever since. These companies compile every camera for an iPhone and send it to apple. Apple has only one job, and that is to fit it in the iPhone. The manufacturer carries out all testing and tuning before sending it to apple.


A phone has many components, and it is not possible for Apple to manufacture everything, so they hire third-party companies to make these parts for them. The development of the camera has many stages. In the first stage, the design of the camera is made and sent to apple for approval. Once approved, the building process starts. After that, the software is designed for the camera to make it run on the screen.


Other smartphone companies do everything themselves. As a result, they are not able to deliver the same camera performance as iPhone. Moreover, apple gives full responsibility for a camera to other companies to focus mainly on the camera and try their best to make it better than others. Other companies can not do this as they have cheaper machines to assemble their cameras. Moreover, it will cost them a lot to hire such companies and do the job for them.

iPhone uses a unique code:


Coding is vital while using the camera to take pictures on the phone. The picture quality depends on what type of code is being used for the camera. Each company hires its programmers to write the code for them. The company instructs these programs to design the code so that the picture quality is better and sharper.


Recently Apple has been using Artificial intelligence in their cameras. Artificial intelligence provides two benefits. One of the benefits is that they reduce the size of the chip for the camera, and so the company can add more chips to cover that area and add more functions in the cell phone. The other benefit is that artificial intelligence teaches the person using the cell phone to take pictures properly. When we add up both of these things, we get a picture of quality.


Other cell phone manufacturing companies cannot do so because they haven’t moved towards artificial intelligence yet. Apple makes almost all camera products with the help of artificial intelligence, and hence these other companies can not use the cameras of iPhones because they have different software coding. These companies will have to work more on making this code, and the wastage of time can cause them a loss in finances.

Copyright issues:


You must have heard about the word copyright while dealing with music or movies. Owners put a copyright on their songs so that other people may not copy the song and earn from it. The same is the case with iPhone cameras. iPhone puts so much effort into making the best cameras, so they copy right it. It means that other companies do not have the permission to exactly copy the process and make the same cameras.


Most of you might argue that other cell phone manufacturer companies may copy the code and analyze it. Once they analyze it, they should learn how apple has made the code and other components. It might be easy while saying it, but it isn’t straightforward in real life. First of all, companies do not give away sensitive information like this to everyone because it will affect the company financially in the long run.


If other smartphone companies started using the same procedure as Apple, they would gain public attraction. People would prefer cheaper phones with cameras that have the same quality as Apple. It would bring down sales for the company and may suffer huge losses. Moreover, if a company does carry out copying using unlawful means, Apple has the right to take legal action against that company.


Role of supportive parts:


Keeping aside the camera and all its spare parts, other parts help in capturing good quality photos. The sensors play a significant role in uplifting an image quality. The size of sensors is important as they are for capturing light. The cell phone manufacturing company has to determine the correct size of sensors that go with the camera.  If it’s too big or too small, it can drastically affect the results. Apple generally uses larger sensors and manufacture cameras for those sensors specifically. Even if the android smartphone company starts using the apple cameras, the result will be different due to the different sensors.


Other parts like image processing and components also help increase the quality of pictures in apple I phones. It can give better quality photos, but the android companies will not do it as they do not have a budget for such costly spare parts.


Apple makes their spare parts for iPhone “only”:


Apple design and manufacture their camera to go into apple products. Their phones give high-quality photos and videos because they combined all the spare parts in the cell phone. If the android only uses the apple camera and not the other parts, it will not give the same results. The spare parts are made to work inside apple products only, and they give their best performances while working inside the apple products.


The cameras are not for installing in android products. It will never give the same result as an I phone does. If the android companies even use the I phone camera in their smartphones, they will only increase their costs. It will not provide a higher percentage of increase in quality in return for the percentage increase in costs levied on the company. Therefore, the android companies do not opt to fit in apple cameras as it does not add to the quality and only adds to the costs.


The better option would also be to add the other spare parts that apple uses. It can increase the quality but further increase the costs of the company. It defies the purpose of these android companies. Even with the spare parts, the quality will not be as good as the android companies do not have the same optimization as the Apple smartphones. The only way to have the same quality of photos of apple smartphones is to completely copy Apple smartphones’ working.

The physiological game that apple pays with its users:


It is a fact that Apple is a renowned company and, the product satisfies its users. It has been an exception from the start in every aspect. However, other products are better than that apple. Since the beginning, apple products are widely in use and are known to be the best in the market. It is true, to some extent.


Through its fame, apple has brainwashed its users into thinking that’s its products are the best even though there may be better options. It does not mean that Apple products are unreliable but that there are better products with better quality at more affordable prices.  Apple has shown Excellency in the technological and electronic department and, its marketing department has played a significant role in sending this message to its customers.


People believe that Apple products are the best because Apple tells them that their products are the best. And people believe the words of apple because it is known for makes the best products. It means that even if there are android phones with better cameras than an iPhone, people will still buy as I phone as apple tells them that the iPhone cameras are the best in the world. In this way, Apple has been able to retain a market share and brand loyalty.  It is something that android companies cannot do as it would take several years of relentless efforts to gain such brand loyalty.

Other reasons:


It is a known reason that apple makes high-quality and reliable electronic products that leads to exceptional performance. They install a top-quality camera system that results in excellent results. However, there is an argument that it not entirely because of their high-quality spare parts that lead to such outcomes. The main reason for such results is mostly because of the entire system’s optimization in the cell phone.  It is not affordable by the android companies.


Apple is known for its optimization. They carry out multiple tests on their smartphones to set an optimization level that provides the best results. It can take several weeks of testing to find the best options. What Apple does with its I phone is that it adjusts the software and the working of its processors and, all the spare parts simultaneously work together to give the best camera results.


Additionally, an I phone with a camera of 8 megapixels displays better videos and photos than an android camera with higher megapixels. Even though the android cameras have a higher megapixel, their optimization and the chemistry between the software, processors, and the camera is not set to give the best results. Android cell phones are of lower prices than iPhone. It is because the majority of the android companies use low-quality products to keep the price lower.

It, in return, results in a poor result.


The case is not that apple uses high-quality spare parts in its phones. The case is that Apple is aware of how to optimize those spare parts for exceptional results. The android phones are behind in this situation. Some high-quality Android cell phones like Samsung and Huawei have better cameras but are not up to I phones’ level, the reason for insufficient optimization between the soft wards, processors, and the cameras.


Furthermore, different companies manufacture apple spare parts. Apple has high control over these manufacturers and, it enables them to make changes where required. It allows them to make some changes that enhance their iPhones camera performances. The majority of the android companies do not make their spare parts. Many private companies create different spare parts for cell phones. Every year, Apple changes its new I phone models whereas, the android companies use the same outdated spare parts for several years.


The apple company has a rule that it never compromises on its quality. It releases a limited model of I I phone every year. It helps them maintain their quality which the important factor of their high market shares. The android companies have a different strategic approach. Every year they try and make several different models with only external changes to feel that he is buying a different phone. It is the same phone but, the appearance is modified. The android companies do this to maximize their sales every year.  They have no concerns about the quality of their product.



As a result, we can say that there are multiple reasons why other cell phone manufacturers do not use iPhone cameras. The most obvious reason is that other smartphone companies do not have the incentives to produce such high-quality cameras, so they stick to traditional cameras. It allows them to divert their attention to other factors such as performance and screen quality.


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