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Tech Gadgets You Need For 2020

Tech Gadgets You Need For 2020

What’s a man without his tech gadgets? With every passing day, new devices keep popping up vying for our attention. Some of them just prove to be a passing fad while others hold their position and gain popularity. The market is flooded with gadgets and you are spoiled for choices. Worry not, we have it all figured out for you as we give you a list of gadgets that you will be proud to own in 2020. While compiling this list we have taken into account factors like the practicality, functionality, technical innovation, price and overall utility. So, without further ado, in no particular order we present to our list of must-have gadgets that every man should have in 2020;

Screen Cleaning Device:

Let’s start with something very basic: the screen cleaning device. We are all captives of our screens.  Be it our mobile phones, laptops, tablets or any other device. The screen is ubiquitous. And it tends to get dirty. So, worry not The Screen Klean is here. Just wipe it over your screen and it will be shiny and clean in no time. We love it and you should too.

New Apple Airpods Pro:

Apple has been a leader of the ear pods technology. Experience rich, immersive and noiseless sound with these new Apple air pods. They have been specially designed to fit in the contours of your ear. Their output is phenomenal and you will be rocking with them.

URPOWER running belt:

A belt-like no other. Now you don’t need to stuff your pockets with money, keys, phone, wires, chargers, etc. Conveniently wrap this belt around your waist and put all your stuff in its zipped pockets, while you run, workout, hike, trek, ride or do any other outdoor activity. It has slots for holding two water bottles to take care of your hydration.  It’s user friendly and a very organized way to store stuff.

Tactical Pen:

A tactical pen is more than just a pen. It is a LED flashlight, a bottle opener, a knife and a window breaker; all rolled into one nifty package. You can’t afford to stay away from it. Made from aluminium, which is aircraft worthy it is both durable and highly functional.

Phone Screen Magnifier:

Daily we spend hours on our mobile phone. We watch videos, movies, news, sports etc. on our phones. That is why this phone screen magnifier is such a cool thing. Sit back and watch everything in comfort. No more aching neck muscles.

Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand:

Another gadget for your smartphone because it’s 2020 and let’s face it we are all addicted to our phones. Made by Lamicall, this cell phone stand is compatible with most iPhone and Android phones; having a screen size of up to 8 inches. As the name suggests it is adjustable and comes in a very eye-catching design.

Nebula Portable Projector and Speaker:

This portable projector will mirror your mobile laptop or TV screen. It can easily connect any USB device like a gaming console or a streaming device. You can share any image, video or audio file through it anywhere you go. It comes with a powerful speaker too, so your audio listening experience will be enriched too.

Blink XT Home Security Camera:

It can be used indoor, outdoor anywhere you want. The cameras are equipped with smart motion detection, water-resistance, night-time vision, live HD videos and other features. When motion detection is triggered it will send an instant alert to your smartphone and record the clip of the event to the cloud. These are wireless cameras fitted with lithium batteries with 2 years of life. These cameras sync perfectly with your Amazon-enabled Alexa devices like Echo, Echo-dot and the Amazon Tap.

Magnetic Wristbands:

Every man willingly or unwillingly has to carry out some repair or hardware job in his house. While you assemble or disassemble stuff, there is always the risk of losing screws, nuts, bolts, nails etc. This is where this gadget comes in handy. It is embedded with magnets; metallic objects will stick to them. Now you don’t have to put the nuts, bolts etc. on the floor or in your pocket.

Drone with Live Video and VR Headset:

Drones have become fairly popular in recent times. You can take amazing photos and capture live scenes with them. You can easily control them by your phone and the VR Headset lets you have an amazing first-person experience.

Ergonomic back shaver:

Because its 2020, and personal grooming should be among your top concerns. This gadget is designed in a way that you can remove hair from your back very easily. Say goodbye to painful wax procedures and welcome to this new innovation.

Phone Camera Lens Kit:

While most mobile phone cameras have sophisticated in-built cameras, if the avid photographer in you demands more perfection then go for this. Transform your phone camera to get cinematic shots with amazing details and rich textures. The kit comes with lenses enabling you to take pictures from far away and in wide, narrow, short and other angles.

Leather Cable Pouch:

This pouch is a very neat way to arrange all your wires and cables. Because we know you will have a few dangling around in your drawer or closet. This pouch will keep them safe and easily accessible. If you are on the go, this pouch will be very useful in storing and handling all the wires that you will be carrying along.

Infinity Cube:

Lastly, we want to finish off with a toy of sorts because we all have a child in us. You can do a lot with this toy gadget. You can make shapes, play different tricks and do other stuff. It will surely keep you engaged and your stress levels down.

There you have it. Our take on gadgets to own in 2020. We hope this was helpful and you will tempt to try a thing or two from this list.

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