Technology In Workplace

Technology In The Workplace

Technology In the Workplace: To say that technology has changed our lives an understatement; it has totally transformed our lives. No aspect of human life is now untouched. We interact with so many technologies on a daily basis. Our workplaces are no exception.

Technology has invaded our workplaces in a big way. From the way an organization performs to how it looks, technology has impacted organizations tremendously. Here we look at some of the key areas in any organization which affects most.


Technology has brought about a sea change in how an organization communicates. Technology has introduced us to instant messaging and it’s an integral part of our everyday existence now. Gone are the days when you had to wait for days to get a reply. With chat apps and social media; communication with your clients, peers and just about anyone has radically changed. You don’t have to be physically available at the workplace and still be in touch with your co-workers via smartphones.

Remote working:

Technology has made it possible that you can now work with anyone based anywhere in the world. Thanks to mobility and cloud-based technology. You can access data and resources from a remote location through a digital device that is connected to the internet. This has made an organization that is dispersed across different geographical locations truly connected.

You can have a video conference with your executives living in different countries at the same time. This is allowing for a more integrated, instant and informed decision making.

Safety & security:

With the help of technology, the security levels in organizations have enhanced greatly. This includes both virtual and physical security. By installing cameras connected to your smartphones you know who is entering your organization any time of the day. Facial and voice recognition are other technologies to secure access to sensitive sites within an organization.

Likewise, to secure the organization in cyber world there are a number of security protocols available to you. You can store your critical data at a third-party server, with no threat of it being tampered with. The email communication of your employees within the work domain can be easily monitored to know if they are doing anything against the organization’s interests.

Cost Cutting:

Technology is helping organizations to cut their running and operating costs. The cost of doing them manually is reduced. Their output is more accurate and the process is properly documented for easy reference and recall. All this automation helps in reducing the costs of running businesses.


A very good thing about technology is its adaptability to suit your particular needs. Every organization is unique and has its own set of problems and issues. You cannot have one blanket solution for all. The software can tweak. Programs can record and systems can personalize to suit your purposes. All this allows organizations to respond to challenges and issues in a more effective manner and raise the bar of their services; thereby increasing the overall productivity of the business.

Enhancing performance:

There are software and pogroms available that can help a business stay productive and enhance its performance. Managers can keep track at every stage of a project or goal’s execution and monitor its progress. This helps in easy and timely evaluation and identifying and implementing corrective behaviour.

Organizing things:

A modern organization using technology is able to organize itself in a very efficient way. Through the help of software and modern data storage options. The coordinate record is stors. This smart arrangement and better organization have made organizations focus more on their core tasks helping them to achieve their goals.

Increased collaboration:

With modern technology at your disposal. This has made team building and group activity very convenient. You bond well with your peers and are able to accomplish goals.

Employees efficiency:

There are time management as well as performance management tools available in technology. You can gauge the productivity of each employee through these. They help them remain focused and goal-oriented. They know their performance is a one document and they will any underwhelming execution. This way the employees remain effective and efficient with minimal loss of their productivity.

Privacy Issues:

As organizations become more technologically intensive the employers get more and more access to the employees’ lives. The employers can now check when exactly the employee was online and more importantly where he was. The employees are online all the time impeding their personal space. This is somewhat a downside of technology. Bosses need to draw a line here and give their employees the privacy and liberty they deserve.

Changing work culture:

It seems to make little sense when you link technology with an organization’s culture and work ethics but studies show there is a connection. An organization more invested in technology will favor a more liberal workplace with relaxed work ethics, causal dress code and fewer boundaries. Companies like Google encourage such a dark environment and their employees are happy with it.

Fluid workplace:

Technology has given rise to the concept of what we call the fluid workplace. This means you can declare any place in the workplace by remaining remotely connected. You can open your laptop and start working in a coffee shop or finish off assignments from home. Many organizations allow their workers to adapt working hours of their choice giving them more leverage to do work. All due to technology.

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