Things We Don't Do Anymore Because Of Technology

What Are The Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because Of Technology?

Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because Of Technology – Technology is a big part of our lives, and it contributes to a lot of things. Most people who had no technology when they were young may feel the actual difference between those times and the current times.

What are the things that we don’t do because we have technology?


We do not do many things in the current times just because we have the technology, and the world has moved on. Furthermore, technological advancements have replaced all of these things. The top things we do not do because of technology are listed below.

Memorizing cell phone numbers:


People in the earlier century had no such equipment to save cell phone numbers. People use to write down numbers on pieces of paper or write them down in diaries. In these times, cell phones were not compatible with storing numbers. As a result, people had to use a pencil and paper to keep the numbers. In current times it just takes a second to hold a cell phone number.


In addition to this, people also used to worry a lot about losing the cell phone number. As a result, they would tie it in a piece of cloth and store it somewhere safe. Moreover, they used to write it down on 2 or 3 pieces of paper and keep them in different places. This way, if they lost the number, they could retrieve it. However, in current times people do not remember numbers. They do not memorize them. It is strange because sometimes people do not reflect the cell phone numbers of their spouses or mothers.

Parking cars on the street with for sale signs:


in previous times, people did not have any other resources to sell their vehicles. There were a few ways in which who could sell the cars. The government in charge of the area of the city would select one day in a week. Moreover, who also set a specific location. On this day and at that venue, who would sell cars. Everyone would bring their used cars to the grounds or the places and park them there. The owners of the vehicles would stand with their cars to provide information to customers.


The ground was big enough to fit all the cars in them. Moreover, people also used to write specifications of the vehicle on a piece of paper and paste it on the car’s windshield. The person who owned the car would also write down his number on the front screen. Now the person could go back home and leave the car there for 12 to 13 hours. People were allowed to inspect the vehicle from outside and call the owner if they were interested.


Another way of selling cars was to park the cars outside their homes and write specifications on them. However, these actions resulted in people stealing each other cars. As a result, some people decide to sell these cars on the internet. That is when the idea of online sales came along. In the current era, people take a few pictures of their vehicles and pastes them on the internet. Anyone who wants to buy the car can look it up or call the person and inquire about it.

Figuring out maths using your brain:


In the early era, there was no such concept as electronic calculators. As a result, people had to use their brains to calculate. It had a lot of benefits s, and children in that era had much higher brainpower. However, there were some defects to it also. It would take them a lot of time to figure out the solutions, and hence who would spend a whole day on a tiny formula.


In the current era, people use calculators. These calculators are capable of calculating a huge formula within seconds. It takes very little time to figure stuff. The advantage of the current era is that the calculation can save time and utilize the time in much more critical elements. However, it also had a disadvantage. Who reduced the brainpower of children to a great extent, and they could not take the benefit of their whole brain.

Having a CD collection:


People in the early ages did not have USBs or anything else to store the movies. Moreover, there was no internet in the past. Nowadays, a person can go to the internet and Donald movies. Or go to online websites such as Netflix and watch a movie. In those times, there was no internet, so all of this was not possible. As a result, people used to buy movies that were available in CD form.


They would have to insert it into the computer and watch them. Moreover, these movies could not be saved on the computer, and there were several reasons for it. one reason was that the computer did not have enough space on them to store the movies from the CD. The computers in those times have a maximum storage of up to 10 or 20 Gigabytes. Half of the warehouse was taken by the CPU so that they can carry out their processing. Who used the remaining memory to save essential documents.


Moreover, there was not software developed to store the movies from the CD to the computer. Moving on, people had no choice but to keep the CDs. Some people used to have thousands of CDs as a collection. People could not throw away the CDs because if they wanted to watch a movie again, who would use the same CD. Moreover, people had to take great care of these CDs. The CD had to be maintained because who could easily scratch it. Hence people used to keep the CDs in exceptional cases to protect them from dirt and scratches. Once the CD was marked, it would never run.

Sending handwritten letters:


People in the early ages used to write letters to each other to communicate with each other. In medieval times, letters were the primary source of communication between one person and the other person. These were not considered the safest way of communication because people could read each other’s letters. As a result, the letters were written in a manner where only one person could understand them.


In current times, people have the facility of using the internet. Internet is the solution to many things, and it has solved multiple problems for people. People can now write emails to each other, and it does not cost them anything. In previous years, people had to pay the post office to deliver the letters to the people. Moreover, there were higher chances of the letter being lost while shown on the way.


In current times, people make use of emails to communicate with each other. Emails use the internet, and the letters are done free of cost. Furthermore, they are also safe as no one can see the emails. Now, most might wonder what if one person sees the email of another person. That problem is also solved as emails sent from one person to the other are end-to-end encrypted. It means that only the person who had internet could send emails to each other.

Noting time using a hand watch:


who discovered time in medieval times, but checking time was different from that of today. Today, the person can use multiple ways to limit the time; the first method is to use the cell phone. Some people say most people do not even carry around wristwatches anymore because the cell phone can tell us the exact time. Moreover, people in America’s united states say that these wristwatches are only for fashion and are not used for their primary purpose.


Furthermore, some people might argue that cell phones can also act as cell phones. It is true. You must have heard about the smartwatches introduced by apple. These watches are cell phones that display time on your hands. Time is just an extra feature that they show. In reality, these smartwatches function as a cell phones, which means that they have all cell phones’ functions. People can call on these watches and also talk to each other. Moreover, they can also track the location of other people.

Efficient communications:


People now have the facility of calling each other on cell phones. They can talk to each other without consuming a lot of money. They use internet services to call each other. in early times, people could call each other on telephones. You must have seen the telephones that have that circle on them. Each point in the process had a number written on them. Furthermore, they had to pay massive amounts of bills to talk to each other, so people refrained from doing so.


Nowadays, people have to pay the internet bill, and they are allowed to call as many times as they want. People can call each other at any time and place and pay the invoice on the internet. Furthermore, communications have become significantly easier because Who can save cell phone numbers with a button tap. Some cell phones do not even require a cell phone number to call any other person.

People can text each other as well as call each other and talk on the cell phone

Nowadays, people use apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate with each other. These apps allow faster communication. People can text each other as well as call each other and talk on the cell phone. Moreover, they can see each other too. People in medieval times could not even think of seeing each other while talking to each other simultaneously. These people could not imagine the invention of cell phones and touch screens.


WhatsApp and Facebook messenger allows people to communicate using video calls. It means that one person can talk and see each other at the same time. Moreover, they can be completely different and speak to each other, but there are a few conditions. For having clear communication, each person should have an internet connection. Without an internet connection, communication is not possible. Furthermore, a person doesn’t need to be in the same place as the other person.


The person can be in any other part of the world and talk freely with each other. People can not even imagine talking to each other while seeing each other at the same time. Furthermore, it was also considered an excellent invention for scientists. All of these things made communication efficient, and people could easily communicate with each other. However, it also helped in data delivery. People could deliver parcels over the internet and with each other for their birthdays. Moreover, people could carry out education over the internet.

In current times, people can take classes while they are sitting at home

In previous times, people count not carry out education when the world was going through war or plague. The government in those times feared the spread of viruses, so people used to stay at home and miss out on education. However, in current times, people can take classes while they are sitting at home. They do not need to go to the schools at all. As we can see, the current times are not favorable for taking classes at the schools, so students are forced to take classes at home. In such circumstances, students take courses from their homes.


Furthermore, there are certain conditions that both the student and the children will have to follow to carry out efficient communication. All the students and the teacher must have an internet connection as well as a computer system. These computer systems will have a mic and a camera. Students can communicate using the camera and the mic. They can take classes as well as communicate with the teacher.


In previous times, it was not possible because students had no internet and there were no such concepts of online classes. If the situation was terrible, people used to stay at home and carry out their studies at home. Moreover, some might argue that there were some computers in those times. We can agree with these people, but these people still faced a problem. The problem was that these computers were significantly less in number and they were costly. As a result, no one could afford them.

Cars run by electricity:


In previous times, the cars were not of good quality. They had terrible noisy engines, and these engines use to consume a lot of fuel. In the united stated America, people used to drive cars that had risen engines in them. It is because petrol was not standard back then!. Moreover, the pollution started to get so great from using diesel cars that the government of America’s united states decided to go for petrol cars. Petrol could be easily extracted and used in vehicles.

Moreover, petrol was a better alternative than diesel as it was light and the engines were much quieter. However, they used to produce pollution too. The pollution becomes so high that the government of America’s united states could not afford to have petrol cars.


As a result, the electric cars’ era cane by, and many people started shifting towards electric vehicles. These cars were much more reliable than cars that used diesel and petrol. Furthermore, these cars did not have any noise. Now, most might be confused about this statement, so allow me to explain. The only noise made by these cars was the noise due to air friction. There was no engine noise because there are no pistons in electric vehicles. The motors generate torque, and the torque is transferred to the wheels of the car. The revolutions then start to move the car.

The government of the united states of America successfully reduced pollution by introducing electric cars

Furthermore, we can also say that cars in America’s united states are much more comfortable than cars in later times. Those cars did not have soft suspension, and sitting in it was like sitting in a donkey cart. The current cars have comfortable seats and can go much faster. As a result, we can say that technology saves us time. If an old card could travel 10 km in 30 mins, a patent car could cover it in less than five minutes. These were the benefits of recent years. Moreover, the government of the united states of America successfully reduced pollution by introducing electric cars.


Moreover, we can also say that the cars needed to have a driver to run in medieval times. However, most vehicles in the recent era do not need any driver. These drovers can be driven all by themselves. Allow me to give an example so that people have a clear idea about the whole situation. Have you ever heard of the test cars in the united states of America?


These cars have a function that who can drive the vehicle without having a driver in them. It means people could do whatever they wanted, and the car would go themselves. All of this was due to technology. If there were no technological advancements, people would not have reached this stage.

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