What Is Worse Looking At Your Cell Phone Or Your Laptop For A Long Time?

Mobile phones damage our neurological system as well as the danger of cancer. Extensive use of these mobile phones day and night may harm your body and a direct effect on your eyes causes irritation and swelling. Many other disorders like headaches, reduced focus on natural objects, severe stress conditions, sleeplessness, and tannins might occur due to more use of mobile phones. The radio waves of your mobiles are consistent damage factors for you and also a cause of medical disorders.  Excessive use of your mobile phone and smartphone can lead to a range of medical problems, including the technological stress of your eyesight. Due to more than 3-4 years of consistent use of mobiles your eyes may feel irritation and stress on your brain leading to severe headaches.

What is worse for your eyes looking at the smartphone screen?

It depends on the quality of the screen … but it doesn’t matter since the smartphone screen you keep is closer to your face and eyes so the pixels on the screen are smaller, but the laptop screen is you are a little further back so the pixel can be a little smaller. A smartphone designed to watch overclocking and a laptop designed to look a little deeper. I think the OLED screen is a little better for your eyes because the backlit LCD screen can cast too much light in your eyes, especially at night when it is dark. Watching the screen in the dark. When the LCD screen shows black it will also affect more on your eyes.

How to protect your eyes after using cell phones:

If the LCD appears black, then inner light also shows more so you can not escape from high lights then can damage your eyes so we recommend you to use some applications such as eye protectors to overcome this problem. These applications minimize the effect of light and help you to see on the screen without irritation but these are helpful for some time. If you are facing the problem of eye irritation then you might not use these applications rather you have to decrease us of your mobile phone. One of the applications named Twilight is also applicable for decreasing light effects and for protecting your eyes you can easily download this app from the Google play store so you only need an internet connection. But in the end, it will depend on your mobile phone screen either you should use an application or not because highly good mobile devices have an internal option for eye protection which is better than an application. If your mobile phone does not have such kind of an option then go to the Play store and download the application. Big mobile phones like Apple and Samsung have more options and technologies which are built-in these devices.

In principle, everything will be about how closest you are to your gadget, besides additional characteristics such as luminosity, contrasts, intensity, etc. Therefore, when the build-in system in your laptop/ mobile phone is much better than the applications so it is ok then no need to download extra apps otherwise you have to look for a better option or charge your cellphone. This will ultimately provide you relaxation and the rules are comparable to cellular and laptop usage. As Tablets have better graphics, one important distinction is that there are enough lighting problems with which an anti-illuminating display might contribute to stress in the vision. Select a pleasant brightness and contrast that will be more similar to your wallpaper and not much high.

Such activities are the main cause for your comfort. This is a common experiment that laptop and tablet screens are much bigger than your mobile phone screen so the display is wider and more light might damage your eyes the risk of damage/ harm is more in case of laptop screen so avoid to the more use of laptops as bigger screen have wider and extending lights than normal and small screens. This may be experienced by yourself when you use both laptop and smartphone. First, try to use your cell phone for more than 2 hours continuously then after some relaxation uses your laptop screen at the same brightness you will exactly find that laptop screens need your more attention, and by focusing on that your eyes will feel stress/ strain condition. Self-experience is necessary for your self-satisfaction. For those people who have to work more on laptops, they are directly involved to damage their eyes so we suggest to permanently use anti glares for the relaxation of eyes and you can also do this in case of mobile usage. This activity will be fruitful after passing sometime. You will not feel an extra load/ stain on your vision by the use of anti-glare so try to protect your eyes by the things which are better and suggested by technologists. Brightness adjustment is in the hands of the user while it is mostly noticed that users increase brightness at night times as in the day this harms more. You have to go to the setting and then click on the adjustment of brightness option and decrease the brightness at minimum level especially a night time to protect your eyes. This is a very simple action everyone can do this and it takes only 10 seconds to perform this action. You might increase your cell phone or laptop brightness in day time due to the more light of the sun outside you have to face the difficulty while seeing on the screen. The brightness level of your mobile should be 30% in the daytime and 40-50% for laptops while at night timings this level should be decreased to 10%.

We also have noticed some customers reviews after the continuous use of smartphones most users say that it is very panic and hurts the eyes and causes severe headaches after consistent reading of books on your smartphones rather on the other side reading books on laptops or tablets is an easy task and causes less stress to the eyes. So most of the users recommend using laptops for reading online books or soft materials instead of mobiles. Mobiles are more close to the consumer’s screen and directly interest with eyes so avoid reading books and soft material on your cell phone especially at night times. Try to decrease the usage level of mobiles or use mobiles at distance after some rest to yourself otherwise, you should be ready for bad health results after consistent use of smartphones.

Which is more harmful to our eyes television, laptops, or mobile phone screen?

Firstly we have not discussed television screen and their damages to human eyes the main reason is that people watch televisions at irregular timings and do not watch consistently as mobiles and laptop screens. Another thing is that you have a properly maintained distance when you watch a television screen so the effect on the eyes is less. There are many LED types in which screen effect on eyes is minimum due to their high-quality material. These LCDs or LEDs are designed specially to protect the eyes even you look at them consistently for many hours. You have not to look at the tv screens like mobile phones and laptops because these are not connected with an internet connection so there is no need to look at the tv for notifications or messages.

There is some special shield for the protection of eyes and many companies are still working on it for making their brands best so these are designed to protect your eyes from tv/ mobile screens. Fewer chances of eyes strain are possible in the case of tv screens due to a maintained distance and fewer usages.  You must no longer have to worry. which screens are also called ALCS, as they may prevent damaging lights flashing, more options are also present in these screens for the cooling effect of eyes. You might see tv screen for more hours without any kind of irritation and stress onto your head because these screens having advanced light control displays system in them. These are smooth, shatterproof and quite simple to use, and have many benefits. While, when we talk about the iPad and laptop screens these are quite different from mobile screens as you have to look it for many hours even for professionals who work on laptop and desktops there are more close to the screens and feel pain in most of the cases after 8-10 hours usages in a single day. That is very panicky and causes too much irritation in the eyes and not beneficial for your health as the blue light of laptops directly damages your eyes so you should protect them immediately without any delay. Protected screens like ACLS are provided by many companies you might concern about details on the official website of Amazon or still erase so these will provide you best selling magnetic screens for your eye protection. Products on Amazon are mostly costly while at still erase you might a discount and purchase the product. All the researchers and people who use laptops and desktop screens are mostly affected by the irritation of eyes problem which is one of the serious problems and if you do not care you might lose eyes. Customers who purchase anti-glare screens said that they are more affected by laptops rather than smartphones or television screens. So protections are done by using magnetic anti-glare screens which can easily be removable.

What are the bad effects of excessive use of laptops and smartphones on your eyes?

Prolonged usage of laptop screens and desktops are the main cause behind damages of our eyes so these are not an immediate factor to damage your eyes but takes some prolonged time for damage. As your eyes are more close to the proximity of screens so you have to suffer more. It might cause stiffness in the eyes muscles to see properly when you focus on screens for more periods. Repetitive and focusing more on the screen of laptop dry your eyes moisture level and cornea of your eye and ball damage adversely. It will better to work at day timing and take proper rest at night time for the protection of your eyes so that you may not suffer from the severity of eye disorder.

It is also recommended to use laptop screens with a magnetic shield anti-glare screen or filter screen. Anti glares are most important as their protection capacity is more than enough than other shields. Avoid using smartphones and laptops at night time but save your time and utilize yourself for doing work at day timings. Wash your eyes regularly to retain an adequate moisture level in your eyes so these must be protected from drying and stiffness problems. You may go for washing the eyes as these are more easy home-based remedies. Take more carrots and use them on daily basis and try to cut small pieces of cucumber and place them on your eyes while going to sleep. This activity will retain moisture level in your eyes and comfort you more as your eyes feel relax after doing this activity on regular basis.

We are recommending these remedies as blue lights are more powerful and have more damage effects on our eyes due to their short wavelengths these lights directly hit your eyes. While over long time exposure to your eyes might cause serious damage. The cumulative effect of these rays is deeper and at the inner side of the retina, these may cause dryness of the eyes. Other health complexities like eye syndrome, mental problems, and anxiety. These severe damages are long-lasting and can damage more. Eyes might become permanently red and dry while some other kinds of severe syndromes also occur due to extensive use of laptop screens.

Is there a way to protect your eyes while using a mobile phone?

You should utilize a screen shield that does not impose strain on your eyes. You will acquire clinically diagnosed illness slowly, which is steadily worsening if you don’t utilize a minimal glare. The minimal geometric distortion of the Microlouvre is luminous and regulates the screen brightness to protect your eyes against specular highlights. Certain precautions to safeguard your eyesight can be taken here Minimize spending attention on your cellphone to view things. An investigation will also prove that it is damaging for human eyesight to gaze at smartphones in the darkness. Moreover, certain people typically see cellphones whenever they snooze next door, thus it harms your eyesight. You suffer troubles with your eyes wear tiny corrective eyewear.

If your vision is worrying, you should not be afraid of displays:

You should utilize a screen shield that would not impose eyestrain. You might acquire inflammatory bowel disease progressively, which would be gradually worsening if you didn’t utilize a minimal glare. The zero eye strain of Microlouvre is luminous and regulates the size of the screen to protect your eyes against high lights. Several precautions to safeguard eye eyes can be taken. You must glance at the proximity of the thing from your display. Sometimes individuals read the short sentence. The difficulty is So your eyeballs had to work even harder to adapt when they are in the near vicinity. For instance, you concentrate a long period on a specific portion of the image when you are typing on an Excel sheet. And your visual mobility is considerably greater limited than when you’re outside for a stroll. Had it been a handbook, it is the same. The difficulty is that too many individuals today spend a bit more time reading novels on employment using laptops. The display itself isn’t dangerous it’s indeed time to be seen.


Worse results came after a prolonged period of using a laptop and mobile phone screens so this activity will ultimately affect your eyes as well as cause other medical illness problems which include, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches, and eye stains. Your eye will be dried after long usage of laptop screens as the proximity is very close and these screens have no distance. So moisture level of eyes will be diminished and you will feel severe red eyes and irritation. That might lead you towards blindness at older ages. Many researchers recommend using proper anti glares and protected screens for proper protection of your eyesight as these are easily available on different websites specially on Amazon and Stillersafe.

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