Why Can’t We Live Without Technology

Why Can’t We Live Without Technology?

Why Can’t We Live Without Technology – Technology has become a significant part of life, and it is a necessity now. It’s like a backbone, and we can not live without it. Technology has proved itself a vital thing in almost everything.  Technology has been helpful in every field, From making big machines to making small chips, helping in education, practical work from home, curing so many diseases, improving the growth of crops, etc.

Safety And Security:


Advancement in modern technology helps to safeguard our digital files and documents via data encryption. Now, many devices are equipped with the option of fingerprints and facial recognition, which makes it impossible for hackers to access the data stored in computers or any other devices. Suppose an intruder does manage to reach your device’s data. In that case, the automation technology can send immediate alerts to your mobile phone, allowing you to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. In hazardous environments, wearable technology can help measure the level of dangerous gas emission or unsafe behavior that put the worker at risk.


Despite external forces, sometimes it’s what’s inside that threatens a person. In such cases, medical technology help to ensure safety by monitoring health indicators and providing accurate patient data to health workers. People can finally manage many severe health conditions through more efficient means than before. Security and safety advancement has reduced significant crimes such as violence, stalking, robbery, etc., as cybercrime apps can notify the cops either by making a call or sharing a location. Autonomous drone technology enables the security of air and sea vehicles against coastline threats, including terrorism, illegal immigration, smuggling, pirates, etc. Security experts have long been able to tap into the satellite image to direct the resources appropriately to the areas where the help is needed.



The latest technology has been revolutionized daily entertainment. It helps people to relax and enjoy their free time. The diversity and complexity of entertainment technology have brought much convenience and scope of practice. With the emergence of computer technology, ways of being entertained have optimized greatly—the media industry and robots dominate the entertainment industry. Machine learning and artificial intelligence play a crucial role in entertainment technology. Robots are being used to precise high-speed film sequences for shots with 360-degree rotation.


Music and video streaming have also experienced several changes in recent years. With digital streaming technology and high-speed Internet, there is an increase in the revenue of music and videos. Data is considered an essential part in terms of entertainment and other stuff. As a result, we can say that data in streaming data and video is necessary.  Social media has created a platform where individuals can share their thoughts, pictures, videos, and audio content. It not only helps to provide entertainment but also advertise or publish any entertainment.

Time Saver:


With the aid of technology, we have got a lot of time on our hands compared to the past. Our life is at a faster pace now. Imagine spending hours solving one complicated multiplication problem that they can solve with the advanced technology of calculators. Furthermore, now people don’t even use calculators for daily life finances because they have got an inbuilt calculator in their smartphones, hence, carrying a calculator with them all the time.


Technology saves us a lot of time, and we can perform multiple tasks in a day. With technology, no one has to wait for days to send a parcel or a letter to their close ones; sending an email is now a matter of seconds. We can send and receive packages within 2-3 days without waiting for months, even with fast shipment services. People had to travel by foot to meet their loved ones, use public transport, make fire tips within a day, and save their energy and time.

GPS And Navigation:


In the past, finding a specific location took so much time now that it can be located just with the aid of GPS and navigation system inbuilt in our smartphones. Without going through the troubles of finding a place, one can use the modern technology of GPS and find their destination within seconds. As a result of this technology, it is now easy for Travelers to locate their goals and not get lost in other cities and countries.

Helps In Discoveries:


No doubt the technology has proved itself to be helpful in discoveries and innovations. Technology has helped in many fields, from medical facilities to storing information in Nanosized chips. Technology is involved in every sphere of our life. It’s like a backbone, and we are dependent on it in every phase. With the help of technology, modern appliances are reduced, which helps a human in daily life.


And with technology, new medicines, and machinery are being introduced, which help in improve medical facilities. With the help of technology, scientists are discovering new things and experimenting with different beneficial things. In the past, when electricity was introduced, it is the technology that helped in using electricity as a source of energy and make various appliances. Overall, technology helps in improving the current technology, helps in discoveries and innovations.



As advances in technology drive globalization and digital transformation, teachers can help students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the future careers.  The use of digitized learning material for children will increase children’s engagement and improve their studying and other things related to research. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual classrooms, video augmented reality, and other technology tools can make the class livelier and create a more inclusive learning environment.


The use of technology will help the students gain access to many such websites with a lot of information, learning and turning the knowledge into practical work. It also enables a student to explore a new subject and deepen their understanding of complex concepts. Having access to other information outside of the book gives students many different ways to learn and explore. Modern technology also simplifies learning by making concepts more digestible, for example, through an instructional video or by reviewing the video again and again for a better concept.  Students who live in remote areas are unable to continue higher education personally can qualify online. Teaching is now more than a lecturer in front of a blackboard, and technology has been an integral part of the development to maintain the growth and progress of today’s economy.

Easy Access To Information:


It is essential for enabling the citizens to exercise their voice to effectively monitor and hold the government to account and claim their rights and entitlements. Now people can connect to high-speed Internet from home, work, or public places like libraries using personal computers, interactive digital television, and game station. Computers, multimedia, software, the web, and other information technology are standard in educational institutions and businesses today.


The ability to access and use this technology has become essential for both sectors to play an influential role in the upbringing of the economy. In past decades the process of accessing and acquiring new information was quite limited and inaccurate. Hence Technological access has changed everyday activities like banking, shopping, education, and the economy.



Technology not only helps us to faster our pace in life but it also enhances our creativity. If used rightfully, then technology can also help our thinking abilities and increase our knowledge horizon. With the help of technology, you can look up more ideas on the Internet on a specific topic. When you see different opinions from different people, your mind’s creative block is also remove, and you start to think of more ideas.


Along with this, people who share their ideas also feel more confident and motivated to make new content. The people watching their ideas can copy the concept, add their personal touch, and be creative. Technology has increased our willpower to be more creative; we can search for things that we never knew before and equipped with more knowledge. If you search historical content on the Internet, you will come to know their art, and you can create new concepts by seeing their art and literature. People argue that with the help of technology, we become lazy, but still, this aid cannot stop us from being creative.



Digital information access has affected every aspect of modern lives by opening new communication pathways in society. With new technology, people can now communicate and interact much faster than before, and this allows them not to distance themselves and not lost touch with people they care about and the rest of the world. Technological advancement gave rise to an abundance of online networks and databases, ultimately developing different websites and applications in which people could interact easily and use various networking reasons to exchange thoughts to find better solutions to any problem.


The rise of the Internet has also made it possible to connect to any part of the world through mobile phones, computers, and other digital devices. The combination of the Internet and commerce has given birth to e-commerce sites providing massive potential for marketers to reach out to the community. Online communication like Facebook and Twitter now incorporates more than one communication mode, including text, voice, and body language. This advancement of technology continues to bring a new method of communication where neither time nor geographical hindrance can limit the access of contact and information and ensure that the communication is quicker and easier.



Technology has dramatically improved the workflow of businesses which results in even better productivity. How it helps small businesses in making their profits? Small businesses Use technology tools for their business. For example, they are opening and creating awareness about their companies on social media pages. They can use print media and post ads in newspapers and magazines. Even in offices, the workflow has improve with the aid of technology. How? It is because effective communication is vital for businesses.


Now the employees communicate through printing documents, meetings with presentation technology, and emails, which has increased the cooperation between the office employees or a business. Employees can access the data or spreadsheets within a few minutes, saving a lot of time. Now an employee can even work from home, and it will still be effective. With the Internet available all the time the employees can discuss things effectively and work. Even in factories with the latest machinery, material production with a lower cost and less time is possible, which benefits the businesses and the customers in every way.



The transformation in technology has significantly enhanced the overall experience of both health care professionals and patients. The digital revolution enables the health care staff to store and access patient’s data with much ease. They can now retrieve the data from anywhere and can share medical information rapidly with each other.


Exponential technology can improve staff productivity. Robotics and automation, for example, can help nurses complete routine tasks such as collecting blood samples, thus can cut time and reduce errors. With advancements in machine learning, doctors can discover diseases sooner and achieve a high accuracy level in their determination. Furthermore, monitoring technology can monitor vital signs, symptoms, or even blood levels from a remote location regarding cardiovascular disorders.

Artificial intelligence:


Artificial intelligence is another emerging technology that has and will help humans in every way possible. With its excellent programs, it has been helping humans in daily life things. For example, harassment reporting is easy now, and through the Artificial Intelligence program, all the data like messages in chats, emails, in social media inbox are traceable. Before opening an unknown letter, a warning message pops out saying it has inappropriate content, even on social media. Many platforms are now available where the victims can share their experiences and get support from all over the world.


AI has also helped in the medical field in making new drugs, especially the chemistry part. It detects the volume of molecules, and the laboratory test different molecules of different weights to have the best possible drug results. AI has also helped even in detecting heinous crimes like human trafficking. AI programs check advertisements, and whoever can be a potential criminal or a potential victim, then analyses their data. If there is something wrong with the ads, the AI informs the authorities to prevent future crimes.


One of the most significant advantages of AI technology is that it has helped many disabled people. It has created programs that can help visually impaired people. Small devices are implanted with artificial intelligence technology. Which allows them to communicate with people and get an idea about their surroundings. Though AI technology is expensive and comes with many risks, the developers are trying their best to overcome such problems. Because AI is significantly helping many people.


Improved Banking:


Technology is involve in banking also. It has helped banks and customers in every way possible. The banks have introduced net banking. Shich allows the customers to keep a track record of their finances and use their money whenever they want. With the emergence of cards, now people can shop in different countries as well. Also, the physical effort to go to banks has reduced due to cards and net banking technology.

Cost Efficient:


Advancement in technology has increased productivity, ease of sharing and storing information, and reduced human error through automation. All these benefits have lead to an increase in revenue for businesses and have lower the cost structure. Today, tons of data is stored virtually on cloud storage worldwide to carry out work cost-efficiently. By standardizing the technology infrastructure and using typical software applications. You can cut the cost easily to make the IT operations more efficient and easier to manage.

Data Storage:


Data storage technology has developed to keep the data safe and have it as accurate as necessary. New sophisticated technology has made storage more innovative, more flexible, and easier to manage in recent years. Now data storage can occur on physical hard drives, disk drives, or virtually in the cloud. More importantly, files can backed up and are readily available if. In any case, the system ever gets crash beyond repair.

One can quickly transfer the data to another device within no time without security concerns. Hospitals, business companies, educational institutions, etc., have now virtually stored the data to avoid bundles of paper files. And reduce human error as written records are not consider safe. It is also beneficial for people living in remote areas to work with ease due to its worldwide accessibility. And easy sharing as it does not require server maintenance.

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