Apple Claim To Have The Most Durable Glass

Why Does Apple Claim To Have The Most Durable Glass?

Apple Claim To Have The Most Durable Glass – Glass is a vital element while producing the smartphone. And it determines the durability of cell phones. There are different types of glass, and each has a different quality. Apple claims to have the most durable glass. Let us see why they say so.


Why does Apple claim to have the best durable glass out of all cell phone manufacturing companies?


Yes, there have been reports that Apple claims that they have the most durable glass if you compare their products with those manufactured by other cell phone producing companies. They have said it multiple times, but what is the reason for saying this?

The use of corning gorilla glass:


There is just one reason behind this, and that is the type of glass used by Apple. These specific glass types are called corning gorilla glass, and it is used by apple in almost all of its products. Moreover, Apple has also invested a lot of capital in learning about the structure of this glass. You must have heard people saying that their cell phone has gorilla glass. The word might seem strange, but it is given the name gorilla due to its resistance against scratches.


Durability can mean a lot of things when we deal with things such as cell phone glass. Apple says that the gorilla glass is one of a kind, and it is difficult to scratch it. However, it does not mean that you go on and deliberately start scratching your cell phone. If you have gorilla cell phone glass, you will not be able to scratch it easily if the glass screen comes in contact with objects inside your pocket. The easiest way of scratching your cell phone is if you place it with keys inside your pocket.

Apple used gorilla glass for a specific reason:

They do not scratch easily, and hence we can say that the quality of glass is high. Durability in terms of scratches is increased due to the use of gorilla glass. Other cell phone manufacturing companies do not use corning gorilla glass for one specific reason. Installing this glass in the cell phone is costly and can lead to an increase in cell phone production. It doesn’t scratch because the glass is compressed so tightly that it becomes very hard. Once the glass is hard, it will be difficult to scratch the surface of the cell phone.


However, some cell phone manufacturing containers such as Samsung and Sony do use corning gorilla glass. Still, it is safe to say that gorilla glass’s originality is much lower than that of apple. As a result, Apple has the right to say that it has the most durable glass when compared to other cell phone manufacturing companies. Due to this reason, you must have seen that most people in the United States of America use Apple as their daily use cell phones. Moreover, they spent more money on developing gorilla glass than other cell phone manufacturing companies. As a result, it is safe to say that quality will also be much better than others.






A misconception amongst the people:


Most people say that it is misconceptions that people have about Apple. In addition to this, they also say that Apple did not mean what they were trying to say. Let us look at the reality first. Glass is made out of sand found when mountains are mined. Like most things in the universe, glass also has a limit, and it will go out of shape one day. By out of shape, I mean that it will break one day as it can not remain perfect its whole life.


Most people may argue that buildings’ glass is of the same quality and why it does not break then. They are wrong as we can never compare glass made for cell phones and the glass made to use in buildings. The glass made for building wi be stronger, and there are several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that this glass has to be made so hard that it can withstand air force in high-rise buildings. Glass manufacturers to use in cell phones do not have to be as durable because it would cost too much. It will result in a hike in cell phone prices, and people would look for other alternatives.

The misconception caused by people was what type of durability apple was referring to.

The misconception caused by people was what type of durability apple was referring to. Many experts say that it did not mean that Apple makes products having the most durable glass and that it won’t break no matter what. If this statement were true, you would see no person having a broken screen. But the opposite is happening. Let me explain using an example so that you can understand what I’m talking about. Apple claimed that the iPhone 11 had the most durable glass, but you will be amazed to find out that iPhone 11 broke a record of having the most broken screens. But why do you think this happened even when apple said it had the most durable glass utilized in cell phones.


I will clear out the confusion here. When Apple said that they had the most durable glass, they meant that it had the hardest glass out of all the cell phones produced in its competition. The thing about glass is that the harder it is, the lesser the chances that you will end up scratching the cell phone, but the more will be the chances you break your screen into small bits when you drop it on the ground. Ultimately, the softer the glass, the more will be the scratches on your cell phone. It has one advantage: there will be very few chances that the glass will break into pieces. Hence, we can conclude that Apple meant that their phones would be durable because their cell phones will have lesser scratches and fewer chances of breaking into bits.


Different methods of placing the glass in Apple products:


Their method of installing the glass in their products is another reason they are allowed to say that their products are durable than most of the products. They have a unique way of installing their glass, and this method is not adopted by any other cell phone manufacturing company yet. There might be several reasons for it. One of the reasons is that it is expensive to adopt their placing the screen in their cell phones. Moreover, apple depends on their labor, and they invest a very high capital in training their workers to produce products with very high quality. Most cell phone manufacturing companies do not have the resources or the contacts to hire and train such workers. As a result, they have to stick to traditional wormers.


Have you ever wondered how Apple’s glass is different from that of other cell phone manufacturing companies? In simple words, apple uses two layers of the screen, which increases the cell phone’s durability. Let me explain this using an example to get a better understanding of what I am to say. For instance, you have two cell phones; one of them is Samsung, and the other is Apple. Take both of these cell phones at a high place and drop them from a height of 5 meters. The ground of impact should be something hard such as concrete.

The common thing is that both cell phones will be covered with deep scratches on the screen.

On dropping the cell phones, there will be one common thing between the two. The common thing is that both cell phones will be covered with deep scratches on the screen. Moreover, there will also be dent and paint scuffs on the body of the cell phone. However, there will be one difference between the phone. The difference is that you will not be able to use the Samsung phone, and the phone made by apple will be working fine even if it scratched.


What may be the reason behind this? Well, it is simple. Apple uses better techniques and better glass quality than other cell phones such as Samsung and Sony. When apple manufactures its iPhones, it places the main panel inside the cell phone, and on top of that panel, they place a hard material on the screen panel.

This hard material is either made from tough plastic or hard glass.


When you drop your cell phone, the top layer made of hard glass or plastic takes all the damage, and the screen panel inside is safe. This is the reason why you must have seen people using iPhone even with cracked screens. Other cell phone manufacturing companies do not have the resources to place the screen in their cell phone. You can say that the top layer has the same function if you place a screen protector made out of glass.


This allows apple to say that they have much more durable glass than other cell phone manufacturing companies. In addition to this, most people may say that this might be a strategy used for advertisement and it is false. This is not true as many people have tested it, and almost all of them have had the same results.


Apple produces lightweight products:


Although this might confuse you, it is not difficult to understand if you are a science student and studied physics. Weight has a lot to do with mobile phones. Moreover, it also has to do something with comfort. I mean, no one likes a phone that weighs as much as a brick! People nowadays are weak and very addicted to technology; thus, they want cell phones that have all the functions and the cell phone to be as light as a feather. In addition to this, most people say that more functions would lead to a much heavier cell phone.


This phenomenon is not entirely true. It depends on the quality being used by cell phone companies. There are different types of quality used in cell phones. They range from heavy to light. The lighter quality components used in cell phones are much cheaper, and that is why you must have noticed that cell phones that come with a lower factory price are heavy. The lighter components come with a higher price because they increase comfort. Due to the same reason, you will have notices that reputed cell phone companies such as Samsung and Apple have very light cell phones even if they have a screen size of 6 inches and above.

Reputed cell phone manufacturing companies

What do you think will be the main reason for producing cell phones that are lighter in weight? Let us assume that we will ignore the factor of comfort and market demand. Reputed cell phone manufacturing companies such as Apple makes lighter cell phone to save them from damage. Yes, that is true. Let me explain this using an example so that you may understand what I am talking about. If you have a cell phone that weighs two times more than another cell phone, there are higher chances that the heavier phone will have more damages. However, it should be kept in mind that the same conditions will be provided for both cell phones.


Let me give you a touch of physics behind this. If the cell phone is heavy, it will have greater mass. The factor of inertia is also involved in this. The most the mass, the more will be the inertia. If the inertia is more, there will be a higher impact on the ground. If the impact on the ground is high, the phone will break into pieces. The first thing that is most vulnerable to break is the screen. It is because the screen is made out of glass and is not immune to drops.


Due to these reasons, Apple tries its best to make the cell phones as light as possible. They invest tons of capital in producing light cell phones. Moreover, Apple does not care if its cell phone prices are much higher than other cell phones. They make their cell phones focus more on the elite class with tons of money. As a result, they do not face problems in buying cell phones. As a result, it is safe for apple to say that they have the most durable screens because they make very light cell phones, and due to this, the screen breaking into pieces is eliminated.


Are there any cell phones that have more durable glass than Apple?


Fortunately, yes, other cell phones in the market have better and much more durable glass than Apple. Moreover, they are also much cheaper than Apple. The price difference may vary due to the functions and quality of other components such as the camera or the quality of plastic or aluminum used on the cell phone.


One such cell phone is the Samsung Galaxy S 21 ultra 5G. Samsung has said that this cell phone has much stronger glass and it is also resistant to scratches. However, this cell phone is quite expensive and comes in the same price bracket as iPhone 12 pro max.


Other than that, LAVA has also introduced one of its newer models. It is called lava Z1, and the company allegedly says that it is a military-grade cell phone, making it very tough. Lava is an Indian-based company, and it means that the cell phone will be much cheaper than Apple and Samsung products. Lava Z1 also uses corning gorilla glass, making it immune to minor scratches. Another cheaper cell phone is the Asus ROG phone 5-ultimate. It also uses corning gorilla glass and is made for gaming purposes. Asus is also a much cheaper alternative for having a durable screen.



We can conclude that yes, Apple does produce cell phones that have a durable glass. The reasons for this are lightweight cell phones, the use of gorilla glass, and much more. However, other cell phones in the market are much more durable than Apple products. They are also cheaper and are affordable for the middle class.

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